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Reliability, power, performance, autonomy, capacity, safety, mobility and ease of maintenance.

Because efficiency and comfort are requirements of the users of generating sets, HYUNDAI develops concepts that benefit from new technologies in terms of energy efficiency, autonomy and safety.

As a result of the interplay between world-renowned knowledge of the Korean HYUNDAI engine, HYUNDAI design quality and innovative technologies, HYUNDAI generating sets offer safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly solutions GRV Power Products SL, as the exclusive importer In Spain and Portugal of the HYUNDAI Power Products line we present our range of products highlighting the response to meet the needs of our customers.   

As official distributors of the Hyundai brand, we are proud to say that production and service are represented under the three values ​​on which the brand is based, Quality, Agility y Warranty in the toilet. 

The company maintains its expectations thanks to the proven business figures that it has reached in just over a decade, since it has multiplied its business volume by ten. 

Based on this progression, the company cannot do anything other than continue with this philosophy of service and attention, in addition to thanking all its collaborators, distributors, workers, and customers for their loyalty and trust. Hyundai claims to be a guarantee for the end user. 

The brand is committed to to satisfy its customers and offer them the best support and quality in the entire range of products distributed. All this always at the most competitive prices, which guarantee that the user gets a quality product, ensuring maximum efficiency and excellent performance without having to spend more than necessary. 

Caring for and maintaining a garden is a task that requires time and effort. Having adequate tools and machinery is essential for proper maintenance, which will save us time and effort in the long run. 

At Intermaquinas We recommend Hyundai for its reliability being a leading brand in its sector, and for being a brand where you can find varied solutions for multiple needs that may arise.  

What does the Hyundai Brand distribute?

The Hyundai brand comprises a costumes quite important y numerous en different types of machinery of the sectors of gardening, la machinery y utilitarian forest, the machinery agricultural, etc.

Highlighting and naming leaders in the sale and distribution of:

Electric inverter generators

Hyundai is also a well-known brand in the field of Inverter electric generatorsTherefore, despite having fewer options than the competition in this group, it has excellent solutions adaptable to the needs that may arise in the sector, where it has basically been in charge of dividing the main functions into ranges, thus covering all possible spectra of the market and, giving a valid solution to every possible user need, always under the advantages of Inverter technology. 

All Inverter generators They are highly appreciated for their operation, and stand out for their greater characteristic, that they filter the current much better, avoiding dispersions of this and distributing a much more stable electricity supply at all times, being highly prepared and being perfect for supplying electricity to sensitive equipment (computers, offices, servers, etc), electronics and avoid possible long-term damage to sensitive devices and also avoid malfunctions in the future. 

In addition, they stand out for being smaller, lighter and quieter, in addition to being more respectful with the environment since they make better use of fuel, consuming much less and increasing their efficiency.Hyundai distributes five different models, which have a very high quality, reliability , a very used efficiency and very adjusted prices for the advanced level of quality. 

In addition, it is a distributor with one of the best after-sales services, quality support and advice that it offers. They all do their job more than Hyundai Inverter electric generators they are gasoline, quality inverter generators, powerful, light, silent, soundproof, with capable tanks, stable voltages and voltages, reliable motors, etc. 

We can also see how hyundai has ordered them and created a inverter generator for each range, one fairly basic in terms of characteristics, simple, affordable (cheap), fully functional, that fulfills its functions, another basic-medium, another medium, another medium-high, and finally that of superior quality, costs something else but it is the most powerful, complete, heavy, with the largest deposit, etc. Ideal options for the client to choose which one suits their needs and which will produce the best profitability.



Inverter welders

Hyundai is one of the most relevant brands in terms of the market of Inverter welders, both because it is a brand of the most reliable and safe when it comes to buying industrial machinery, machines and vehicles, standing out for its extreme qualities, highly competitive prices and guaranteed guarantees and efficiencies, as well as not having much competition in the sector of Inverter welders, with which, at the time of acquiring one, the doubt is not a possibility, since Hyundai has been a leader in the field of Inverter welders All Inverter welders They have revolutionized the industry and the domestic part in recent years, thanks to their advantages over traditional welding machines. 

Inverter technology has allowed many devices to behave in a more stable, safe and efficient way. Welders are machines / tools in charge of carrying out the process of joining two or more elements that are generally metallic, but can also be thermoplastic, almost always using a third material that serves to join both. 

Having a device that allows us to weld professionally at home is no longer a luxury, an equipment for any type of person. In addition, Inverter Welders stand out for using direct current, easier to transport, lighter, versatile and functional, lower electrical consumption, welding with greater precision and aesthetically presentability, finer finishes when applied to welding, more efficient work cycles , faster start-up, affordable prices, but more expensive maintenance and repairs. 

Having said all this, we can apply the values ​​of the Hyundai brand, powerful and efficient machines, hand in hand with extremely competitive prices and qualities that are enviable by other brands, in addition to more than guaranteed guarantees, makes the Hyundai Inverter Welders Some highly recommended machines, and if we add the high functionalities and specifications provided by Inverter technology, it makes the brand a safe option for its users. 

All Hyundai Inverter Welders they are powerful, reliable, cheap, affordable welding equipment, suitable for generators, resistant and durable materials, with a long useful life, light, efficient, with high input voltages, and with high, good and recommended utilization factors.  

Electric pressure washers and gasoline

Hyundai leads in the sector of High pressure cleaners thanks to its wide catalog of solutions, since it has 11 adaptable solutions that adapt to any need that may arise in the market. 

Commonly used for cleaning swimming pools, joints, vehicle exteriors, facades, gardens, warehouses, etc. Used with both hot and cold water, depending on its orientation. 

HR High pressure cleaners They are tools highly appreciated for their unbeatable finishes and results, their speed, ease of use, saving time and reducing the effort for the operator. The key to how the High pressure cleaners It is in its power and its pressure, since they work with pressurized water (cold or hot), replacing the classic hose. 

They are connected to the water network, which accumulates in a tank, with the possibility of mixing with detergents, soaps, spray liquids, etc. 

Together with a pump in charge of increasing the water pressure, thanks to the fact that the water travels at much higher pressure than that of a usual hose, and by means of a gun, it allows the operator to direct the jet under pressure to where the user wants, with the Which will remove dirt, cleaning thoroughly and efficiently and effortlessly. 

Hyundai stands out and triumphs in the High pressure cleaners thanks to the wide catalog of options it has to supply the market with its solutions. In addition to the fact that the brand always stands out for its excellent quality, its unbeatable quality / price ratio, its guaranteed guarantees, a long useful life, assured efficiency and maximum comfort.

 Along with all this, it has magnificent models for both hot and cold water, with High pressure cleaners at good prices, covering the entire spectrum of market needs, from the high pressure cleaners for individuals more casual, affordable, functional, simple, even high pressure cleaners for professionals most demanding, the most powerful, complete, elaborate, durable, etc. 

With a couple of options gasoline pressure washers, and with a large group of electrical options, with varied powers that cover the entire market, where you can choose the one that suits you best, etc.

Electric generators

Hyundai has a wide and extensive catalog of solutions in the form of Hyundai Electric Generators, with which it intends to cover the entire sector of Electric generators, with 25 options to choose from, with which it covers all the needs that may arise or arise in the electric generator sector. The Electric generators They are machines that, through their fuel supply, generate energy through an electric current generator, to supply a group of electrical appliances for a certain period of time. 

Mostly used as a source of energy in remote areas where conventional electrical power does not reach, as a temporary reinforcement or as an emergency resource to generate electricity (hospitals, factories, caravans, etc.). Hyundai stands out in terms of Electric generators for its wide range of solutions for the sector, with which it covers the entire spectrum of possible needs, from the Electric generators for casual individuals more affordable and simple, up to Electric generators for more demanding, powerful and complete professionals. 

It stands out for its Hyundai Electric Generators of great quality, always taking into account the really competitive prices and unbeatable quality / price relationships. All its products are worth what they cost, and have solutions such as Powerful Electric Generators, economic, affordable at good prices, quality, reliable, effective, functional, with guarantees of full efficiency and a long and lasting service life, single-phase, three-phase electric generators, with AVR (Voltage Regulator), Hyundai inverter generators, of diesel, of gasoline, of two times (2T) and four times (4T), light, silent, with analog screens, with large tanks for long autonomy, with supports and technologies to avoid high consumption, etc. Hyundai electric generator

PTO electric generators for tractor

All electric PTO power generators for Hyundai tractor (Electric Generator PTO Tractor Hyundai), are leaders in sales in the sector of Electric generators through power take-off for tractor, since they have much more variety for the market than their competing brands, a total of 5 options, they are a very recognized brand worldwide, and are based on values ​​that other brands should also, which They are extremely competitive prices, the best qualities on the market, guarantees of efficiency and durability worthy of envy by other brands and an excellent after-sales service. 

All electric generators with power take-off for Hyundai tractor They are highly appreciated and valued products in their sector (agriculture) thanks to their great utility and benefits, as it is usually used in farms and ranches as a generator for grid cuts, but it is when it is used as a mobile generator when it shows its authenticity. useful in pumping, welding or lighting jobs where only a tractor can reach. Simple, powerful and inexpensive, designed to be used as a source of energy (both for continuous and emergency use) always available. Usually composed of an alternator driven by a gearbox, and an electrical panel. 

The standard output speed is set at 540, but many brands and manufacturers consider that this forces a high speed of the tractor, preferring to use 400-500. Hyundai is the leading brand in this sector thanks to its wide catalog of options and solutions with which it covers all possible market needs, covering all ranges and consisting of multipurpose solutions for different uses, thus facilitating the search for its users and you have any tool. 

Hyundai has multiple solutions that adapt to all the needs that may arise in the market, being a leading brand in the sector and respecting all regulations, Hyundai has options suitable for both the more casual individuals who need a Electric generator by means of PTO Hyundai tractor affordable, economical, simple, functional, as well as the most demanding professionals who are going to give constant use to the generator, which should be powerful, complete, light, 2 or 4 poles, etc. 

In addition, all electric generators harness tractor Hyundai they are generators powerful, cheap, affordable, durable, etc.  

Brush cutters and mulchers

HR Hyundai brush cutters o Hyundai brushcutter they are leaders in their sector and globally recognized thanks to their excellent qualities, extremely competitive prices, a relationship unbeatable quality / price and amazing efficiency guarantees. With solutions for the most casual individuals, affordable, simple, functional machines, even tools for the most demanding professionals, the most powerful, efficient, complex machines, etc. 

HR brush cutters, weed trimmers, edgers, edgers or scribing machines They are machines used in gardening work, They are used to cut weeds and go over places where the lawnmower cannot access, walls, vines at heights, high or remote places, etc. 

They are machines with a motor, connected to a bar where it has a head at the end, this can be metal with tips (3 and 4 for dense and tangled vegetation), with nylon threads, with discs, and with the head it cuts the weed , vegetation, brushwood, bushes or hedges are cut, etc. 

Hyundai is a leading brand in the market thanks to the wide catalog of solutions available to the brand, since they cover the entire range of its needs and are adapted to different uses that may be given to them, in addition to the fact that Hyundai has certain brush cutters which are 5 functionalities in 1, including 7 functionalities in 1, that is, Desbrozadoras Multifunción (Brush cutter, pruner, hedge trimmer, 80 disc tips, 3 head tips and 4 weed tips, extension cords, etc). In addition, all Hyundai brush cutters They are gasoline, some have double handlebars, are powerful and light, some have anti-vibration systems, most can be coupled with a harness, etc.

Desbrozadoras Multifunción

Hyundai is known worldwide for its machinery and utility for the maintenance and care of gardens, forestry machinery, etc. With which it goes without saying that it is a leading brand in the brushcutter sector, being highly recognized for its Hyundai Multifunction Brushcutters, with which it covers a wide variety of market needs in a single machine, thanks to its 4 in 1, 5 in 1, 7 in 1 kits, being machines highly valued by users, in addition to meeting the standards and values of the brand, which are extreme qualities, highly competitive prices and unbeatable quality / price relationships, in addition to qualities and efficiencies more than assured. 

HR Desbrozadoras Multifunción They are machines that are highly appreciated by their users, they work in the same way as common brushcutters, but differ in that they have an interchangeable head, which allows the same motor to be used for other tasks, in addition to having packs in which They include different heads, adaptable accessories, etc., with which many more fields can be covered, functionalities with a single machine, which facilitates its versatility, reducing the price (since you only need the head and not another whole machine with its corresponding motor) and has many more functionalities. 

The adaptable ones are usually such as: Brushcutter heads (3, 4, 40-120 point discs, cutting discs, nylon threads), Pruning saws (for shrubs, branches, hedges, etc.), Hedge trimmers (hedges, shrubs ), Extension bars (different heights, maintaining the same grip and power), etc. 

Hyundai leads in its multiple options for Hyundai Multifunction Brushcutters, with which he is partly leading the sector of the multi-purpose brush cutters, in addition to having so many options with different functionalities, it allows to cover a very broad spectrum in the market, thanks to this anyone can find the multifunction tool that most needs or that best suits each user, and together with their kits multi-purpose brush cutters 4 in 1, 5 in 1, 7 in 1, it has really affordable options for its users with which it distributes multiple functionalities in a single machine. 

Hyundai has Desbrozadoras Multifunción 4 in 1, 5 in 1 and even 7 in 1 Hyundai, they are all Hyundai Multifunction Gasoline Brush Cutters, they are all Cheap Multifunction Brushcutters, at a good price, powerful, reliable, quality, safe, with guarantees, 50cc, 51cc, 7 Multifunction Desbrozadoras 1 Hyundai, Desbrozadoras Multifunción 5 in 1 Hyundai, Desbrozadoras Multifunción 4 in 1 Hyundai, Desbrozadoras Multifunción Professionals, Desbrozadoras Multifunción Hyundai petrol engine, Desbrozadoras Multifunción: brushcutter, hedge trimmer, trimmer, trimmer, etc.  

Air blowers

Hyundai is recognized in the field of Hyundai air blowers o Leaf blowers Hyundai and for their Gasoline blowersAll of them, like all the brand's products, stand out for their extreme quality, their highly competitive prices, their unbeatable quality / price ratio and their guarantees of effectiveness and durability. Despite having only four options, it covers the entire market and more than covers most of the uses that can be given to a blower. 

All blowers They are machines that initially have an obvious and simple functionality, to expel air. Thanks to this, they can be used to separate garbage, leaves, garden waste and the like and group them in one place, but they can be much more useful if they are used intelligently, since they can liven up and save a lot of time in tedious and complex tasks and tasks such as cleaning machinery, sheds, barns, warehouses, interiors, and help clean dirt, dust, keep green areas and open areas, gardens, farms, thanks to the simple task of expelling air high speed. They use a fan that collects air from outside and blows it through the tube, producing an air outlet at very high speeds. 

Despite only having four models, they more than cover all the needs required by the usual activities of the BlowersThe only downside is that Hyundai does not have an electric blower or a vacuum blower, but for that there are many other brands on our website. Hyundai blowers offer effective and complete solutions for their users, cheap, with assured performance described, some guarantees of effectiveness over the years, durability, etc. Covering all the needs of the market, from Leaf blowers for more casual individuals, the most simple, affordable, simple, even Leaf Blowers for professionals, the most complete, complex, powerful, durable, etc.  

Hyundai Chainsaws

HR Hyundai chainsaws They stand out as leaders in the sector of chainsaws, and some very appreciated and widespread machines for the care and maintenance of the garden and forest. Worldwide recognized for being a brand with a wide quality, its extremely competitive prices and its unbeatable quality / price ratio. 

HR chainsaws They are tools used to cut wood, cut trees, even prune hedges and shrubs. They are formed by an engine, connected to a chain that rotates the sword, which changes according to the type of cut and orientation that we will give to the chainsaw

Hyundai is a leading brand in the field of chainsaws, since it stands out thanks to its extreme quality, competitive, cheap and affordable prices, an unbeatable quality / price ratio, and exceptional guarantees over the years. 

In this case Hyundai has four solutions in the form of chainsaws for the market, with which it intends to supply all the needs in a big way, from chainsaws more affordable, simple and functional, chainsaws for individuals at chainsaws pruning Hyundai, chainsaws for more powerful, reliable, functional and durable professionals. 

The four are chainsaws Hyundai of gasoline, but according to their displacements, powers, diameters of cuts and speeds of turn we can deduce that one of them is thought for the cut of soft wood, other two of them are thought for the soft and hard woods, and finally the last chainsaws Hyundai It is designed for hard woods and the felling of trees without problems.

Hyundai Hedge Trimmer

Hyundai also has a presence in the world of hedge trimmers, since despite only having one option, it is one of the most valued hedge trimmers on the market, since it represents the most important values ​​of the brand, such as excellent qualities, extremely competitive prices , efficiency and guaranteed guarantees. 

In addition, the model is disputed for being the standard hedge trimmer, since it is one of the best-known brands in this sector and does not have much competition, as well as for its enviable values ​​and its viability for both professionals and individuals. 

The hedge trimmers or hedge trimmers are gardening machines that consist of blades located in a cutting blade, which, by being powered by a motor, move at high speed, allowing a simple and clean cut, suitable for cutting hedges and bushes, thus facilitating the maintenance and care of our gardens, reducing the effort used to a minimum, getting perfect and professional finishes and saving the time spent at spectacular levels. 

Hyundai stands out for its option, envied by the competition, as it has an excellent quality / price ratio, excellent qualities, enough power to cover the average market needs, since the hedge trimmers do not need much power, it is also light, it is a Hyundai Gasoline hedge trimmer, and has a cutting length of 700 mm, slightly exceeding the average length of standard hedge trimmers, being valid for use as Hyundai hedge trimmers for individuals, such as Hyundai hedge trimmers for professionals, almost being proclaimed as a hedge trimmer premium gasoline, in addition to serving in a similar way to a height hedge trimmer, in addition to a powerful hedge trimmer, resistant, reliable, of good quality, affordable (cheap, at a good price), etc.  

Brush cutters with wheels

Hyundai is a leading brand in the field of wheel brush cutters, besides because there is not much serious competition, it is the most recognized brand that has launched itself to patent a model in that sector, and although it only consists of one model, this is equivalent to a brush cutter mid-range, but with the particularity that it is mounted on wheels. 

HR wheel brush cutters They are highly appreciated machines in the gardening and forestry sector, both for professional work and for limiting yourself to the maintenance or care of a plot or surface with tall grasses, shrubs, branches, etc. 

They work like brush cutters, because they are tools that through an engine are responsible for generating movement in a mechanism or head, which carries a disk, but, in the case of brush cutters of wheels, this brush cutter explained above has a mechanism with two, three and even four wheels, which facilitates its movement and displacement, also limiting movement and cutting to only the ground, such as lawnmowers, thanks to this mechanism it allows to facilitate and reduce effort, saving work and time to cut grass and weeds from the ground. 

They are comfortable to use thanks to their format, usually designed for long and hard jobs. Hyundai has an excellent option for this market, as it is also the most recognized and valued brand in this market, since it has a brush cutter de Ruedas, which is suitable for professionals and individuals, including the advantages mentioned above with respect to the brush cutters Traditional. 

Furthermore, the model of the brush cutter with hyundai wheels is a brush cutter of petrol, powerful, lightweight, with folding axle and double handle and with a structure suitable to adapt on different fields and surfaces, perfect to fulfill its function as brush cutter wheel. 

Perfect for long and tough jobs, where this machine gives it its all and shows that it is a brush cutter high level on wheels. Ideal for medium and large extension land. For something is the brand that we recommend most in this sector, in addition to many others.  

Hyundai mowers

Hyundai has also earned a recognized name in the automotive industry mower, and he has won his position with only three models of mower, since these comply with the standards of the brand, which are competitive prices in relation to excellent qualities, which tend to succeed with this philosophy in different sectors. 

All mowers, lawn mowers or lawn mowers They are manual or motorized machines (electric by cable, battery or gasoline), used to cut lawns in gardens, sports fields, etc., in such a way that a green surface with the same height is obtained throughout the land, a very useful tool for the care and maintenance of our gardens. 

On our website we distribute them with the best materials, with advanced features, mulching systems, etc. It is essential to know what guidance to give our mower before buying it, because this will reduce our effort and increase its efficiency since it will be designed for a certain task. 

Hyundai It has different solutions for the needs that can be presented, in the form of mower. It is not a brand that exceeds models in this category, because with three models it has tried to meet all the needs of the market. 

For starters, it has a Electric Hyundai lawn mower, which has a medium power, a medium cutting diameter, a medium cutting height and a capacity of 45 liters, which is not bad at all, and adapts to the average needs of this sector, in addition to the plus that it is electric as well as extremely light. 

Your other option is a Hyundai gasoline lawn mower, with a medium power, a considerable cutting diameter, a collector with sufficient capacity, a light weight for gasoline, ideal for the average user, that is, a private individual. 

Finally, its latest gasoline model supplies the mid-high range, with considerable power, a fairly wide cutting diameter, a significant cutting height, a large pickup capacity and a weight of 46 kg, ideal for the most demanding individuals. and for professionals. 

All are mower motorized manuals, cheap, affordable, powerful, quality, new, being one of electric and the other two of gasoline.

Hyundai Motorhikes

Hyundai makes available a wide range of solutions in the form of Motoazadas to cover all the possible needs that exist in the sector. 

Standing out thanks to its different solutions for the motorized, that in spite of having fewer solutions than other brands in the same sector, cover a wider spectrum of possibilities, since it covers all the ranges and possible orientations towards which the Motoazadas. The motorized They are tools used for various agricultural tasks. 

They have been used for a long time, and thanks to their great effectiveness they have continued to be used to remove the soil in depth and prepare the ground for crops without the need for excessive power. 

They are propelled by a motor, either electric, gasoline or diesel, that drives a set of strawberries (through a transmission that can be by belt, screw, endless or by chains), with which they remove the earth in depth and prepare the ground to be cultivated in the future. 

The same drive as the rototillers, but the movement of the motorized it is generated by the strawberries and that of the rototillers by the wheels. 

In rural areas of India, families in charge of a blind minor frequently isolate and deprive him/her of the care and attention they provide to their other children; such situation becomes even more severe among lower-caste families, orphans and if the blind child is a girl. motorized, the motor drives the cutters, so they are designed more for small-medium terrain, they are lighter, and require a greater physical effort, on the contrary, in the motor cultivators, the motor drives the wheels, so the cutters dragged above the ground, they are designed for medium-large terrain, they are somewhat heavier and require little physical effort for the operator. 

Hyundai stands out for its quality / price ratio, extremely competitive prices, unbeatable qualities, guaranteed efficiencies and guarantees, maximum comfort and excellent after-sales service, meeting the needs that may arise, covering all possible terrain for this class of tools. 

Hyundai only distributes motorized Hyundai of gas, motorized light, powerful, cheap and affordable, of different widths of work, etc. Where if there is a notable difference between them, is in the width of work, which will be decided depending on the orientation that we will give (wide, large, small, etc.), and the marches, since the relations of speed will depend a lot on these, there are motorized with one forward march, one forward plus another backward, two forward and one backward and even three forward and one backward.  

Hyundai motorcultores

Hyundai also has an important name in the sector of motorbikers, although it only has one walking tractor, this follows the values ​​of the brand, some Extremely competitive prices, unbeatable quality, excellent quality / price ratio, efficiency and efficiency guaranteed, together with guarantees and functionalities that are more than assured, as well as comfort and after-sales service enviable by other brands. 

Although it only has one walking tractor, this one competes among the best for being the walking tractor standard, as it is suitable for most uses that individuals with medium-sized plots will give it, and even the use that professionals will give it on larger plots. 

The rototillers are machines used for various agricultural tasks, they are propelled by a motor, gasoline or diesel (not electric), which drives the wheels, which makes them move, and drag the strawberries that are in the back of walking tractor, which removes the soil in depth and prepares it to be cultivated. 

In the tiller, the motor drives the cutters, which are designed more for small-medium fields, they are lighter, and require a greater physical effort, on the contrary, in the motorbikers, the motor drives the wheels, so that the strawberries are dragged above the ground, they are designed for medium-large fields, they are somewhat heavier and require little physical effort for the operator. Hyundai stands out for its unbeatable quality / price ratio, extremely competitive prices, excellent qualities, guaranteed efficiencies and guarantees and comfort in use and purchase, as well as an enviable after-sales service. 

The only model of walking tractor Hyundai is designed and is ideal for medium-large fields / plots, because it has considerable power, a considered weight, three forward gears, two reverse gears, and a working width large enough for large terrains, thereby supplying the need of the majority of individuals, and that of professionals, who have plots or medium / large plots of land. In addition to being a walking tractor powerful, good price (cheap), gasoline, new, etc.  

Caterpillar wheelbarrows

Hyundai has a product that is present in the sector of the caterpillar carts, and despite only having a single product in this sector, although it does not have much competition either, Hyundai has focused on producing a mid-high range product at really low prices, and thanks to its price and its qualities and specifications, the Couple of great functionalities, size and power, and which also does not have much competition in this sector, has made it a brand that leads the caterpillar forklift, in addition to being one of the brands that we recommend the most to our customers when they call to be advised. 

HR caterpillar carts, also known as motorized transport trucks, minitransporters, minidumpers, etc. They are very useful vehicles that facilitate the work of transporting / handling loads of considerable mass. They are like the older brothers of forklifts, much larger, motorized, and with larger tanks, thus reducing the effort required by the operator or operators to a minimum. Ideal for construction, mining, industry, agriculture, gardening, forestry, etc. 

Thanks to their size, being motorized and easy to operate, they can work in the worst conditions, such as climbs with maximum load with inclination, which greatly facilitates the movement of heavy loads on regular and uneven terrain. Hyundai has a model of caterpillar wheelbarrow, which is designed for professional jobs, and for individuals who require a powerful machine, with a large load capacity, extensive specifications, at affordable prices and guaranteed guarantees and efficiencies. 

Hyundai has products that are based on the values ​​and slogans of the brand, which are extremely competitive prices, unbeatable qualities, guarantees and assured efficiencies, as well as an enviable after-sales service. 

Thanks to this we can say that the Caterpillar wheelbarrow Hyundai is suitable for heavy work, thanks to its maximum load of 320 kg, a maximum tipping angle of 50 degrees, a power of 6,5 horsepower, 6 speeds forward, two reverse and a medium size, perfect for professionals who They work on the construction site, transporting crops, materials, etc. 

La Caterpillar Hyundai Caterpillar Gasoline is a powerful machine, viable for various functions, and covering a large spectrum in the market, as well as being one of the most sold and recommended for its excellent results.    

Air compressors

All Hyundai air compressors they provide efficiency and comfort to the most demanding users. In addition, Hyundai develops concepts that benefit from new technologies in terms of energy efficiency, autonomy and safety. 

Hyundai is a leading brand in the sale of Hyundai air compressors, so much so, that it surpasses the competition in models (in addition to sales), since it has 11 models with which it intends to cover the entire market, covering a wide spectrum with all the market needs, it has from the Hyundai air compressors simpler and more affordable for casual individuals, even the most complex and powerful for the most demanding professionals. 

All air compressors They are machines built with the aim of storing compressed air inside to release it in another place under pressure, the mechanism of the same compressor acquires air, compresses it inside, and expels it with power (under pressure) when the user activates the trigger . 

In this way, it can be used for multiple and varied uses, such as spray guns or sprays (paints, lacquers, varnishes), tire inflation, multiple DIY applications, cleaning, drying, cooling and heating tasks, etc. Hyundai therefore has multiple and diverse solutions for any market need in the form of an air compressor. 

It stands out for its large number of different models, its qualities, competitive prices, efficiencies and guaranteed guarantees. Hyundai has, from the most basic, simple, simple, affordable and cheap compressors for the most casual individuals, to the Hyundai air compressors for professionals more complete, elaborate compressors, powerful compressors, compressors with a large air flow and a large air tank, compressors that support high pressures, light compressors, effective and offering maximum comfort for the user.  

Hyundai generator sets

All Hyundai generator sets that we have in stock are available both in its soundproof or open format. We have different versions and models of industrial electric generator for every requirement. 

Highlights the efficiency and comfort for Hyundai users. Hyundai develops Electric generators that benefit your customers. It should also be noted that hyundai is a brand that offers safe, efficient and very environmentally friendly solutions. In this section you will find models of Hyundai open generator sets and Hyundai soundproof generator sets. 

Another choice you will face is whether you prefer a single phase generator set or a three phase generator set. Hyundai also has an extensive portfolio of solutions for the automotive market. generator setsTo be specific, it consists of 17 solutions to the needs that may be presented in the market. 

With this we can say that Hyundai has a wide catalog of Hyundai Generator Sets with which it covers all the ranges of the market, from the generator sets for more simple particulars, such as generator sets for professionals, more complete, powerful and elaborate, most of this brand's products stand out for being effective and efficient, safe and respectful with the environment. The Generating sets They are machines that drive an electric current generator through an internal combustion engine. 

Mostly composed of an internal combustion engine and an electric generator. They are used to provide electrical current in places where there is no or no usual electricity supply, where there is a specific deficit, where a specific support of the increase in power is needed or in case of emergency. Very useful in the face of usual power cuts or places of difficult access where the electricity supply does not reach, hospitals, shelters, campsites, concerts, events, etc. 

The difference between a generator set and an electric generator is that the generator sets They are designed to offer much more power for long periods of time. In addition, a generator set it is a much larger and more complete team. 

Hyundai stands out for being a brand with a multitude of options in terms of machines and tools, an example are its Hyundai Generator Sets, where it has infinite options with which it supplies all the needs of the market and the sector, from the generator sets for simpler and more affordable individuals, even generator sets for more powerful professionals, elaborate and complex, Hyundai generator sets industrial, Hyundai soundproof generators, single-phase generator sets, three-phase generator sets, all are Hyundai diesel generator sets, affordable at a good price, some with AVR (Voltage Regulator), etc.  

Hyundai chopper

HR hyundai chopper They stand out for their excellent quality / price ratio. We have spare parts and accessories so that you always have your tool ready as the first day. The Korean corporation has an agricultural machinery division that offers products of exceptional quality and competitive price. 

Hyundai is one of our favorite brands because the Koreans know how to make exceptional machines, with an efficient and robust design. For this reason in we offer the hyundai chopper and other solutions of the brand due to its good result. If you are interested in the solutions of this brand, you will find them here at the best possible price.

Hooks of the Hyundai Brand

Hyundai has solutions for the market of Earth augers, with a single option, which covers the mid-range sector, and thanks to its adaptable bits it becomes a widely versatile tool, with which it can be used for many more functionalities. Hyundai stands out thanks to its values ​​on which the brand is based, its high qualities, extreme competitive prices, the unbeatable quality / price ratio and guaranteed guarantees and efficiencies. 

HR ahoyadoras They are motorized machines that have a screw-shaped rod, a handlebar for a correct grip that allows holes and holes to be made in different surfaces and a motor that allows them to rotate, drill, etc. These are ideal for fields, to make holes quickly and easily for planting. 

There are them with different bits and augers, which allows them to cover more fields. Las Hoyadoras or Gasoline augers They are a very well considered forestry and agricultural tool, since it allows to make holes, holes and perforations in the ground for, for example, planting trees, seeds, placing the lines of the light poles, installing fences or for large projects in the industrial land , similar to agricultural or forestry. 

La Hyundai hoe stands out for its excellent quality / price ratio, in addition to supplying the needs of the mid-range, with adaptable bits and accessories that can make the machine much more functional and versatile, adapting to the smallest and simplest measures for reduced terrain, such as bits for large areas where large holes are required. 

La ahoyadora it is ahoyadora manual with interchangeable bits, is a gasoline engine auger, at the same time that it can also be used as a manual augerIs a Hyundai Gasoline Auger, besides being a light hoe, with a long drill length (800 mm), a speed of 7500 rpm and a considerable displacement of 50 cc. Ideal for private and professional tasks, because they are specialized machines that are not commonly used constantly.