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History of Anova

Anova is a brand patented by the company Millasur the year 2005, a young and modern brand, specialized in the sale and distribution of machinery, spare parts and accessories for forest use and gardening, having a very extensive catalog and everything necessary to offer the better service in that sector. In just over a decade and a half, it has become one of the leading groups in Spain and Portugal in the field of forestry and gardening machinery, spare parts and accessories.

As official distributors of the Anova brand, we are proud to say that production and service are represented under the three values ​​on which the brand is based, Quality, Agility y Warranty in the toilet.

The company sustains its expectations thanks to the proven business figures that have been reached in little more than a decade, since it has multiplied its business volume tenfold. Attending to this progression, the company can not do anything other than continue with this philosophy of service and attention, in addition to thanking all its employees, distributors, workers, and customers for their loyalty and trust.

Anova is proclaimed as a guarantee for the end user. The brand is committed to to satisfy its customers and offer them the best support and quality in the entire range of products distributed. All this always at the most competitive prices, which guarantee that the user gets a quality product, ensuring maximum efficiency and excellent performance without having to spend more than necessary.

Caring for and maintaining a garden is a task that requires time and effort. Having adequate tools and machinery is essential for proper maintenance, which will save us time and effort in the long term. Since Intermaquinas We recommend Anova for its reliability being a leading brand in its sector, and for being a brand where you can find varied solutions for multiple needs that may arise.

Anova Machinery

Anova Machinery / Anova Tools

Anova highlights, mostly by to distribute a range of products, that although it seems that the catalog is less than that of other brands, you have adaptive solutions y solutions mucho more varied, with a clear objectives y concise, covering so todas the possible needs y fields.

Anova also imparts training to all its distributors, about the best practices, tips, accessories, operation and repairs to get the most out of all the tools and machines that it distributes, as well as a wide range of accessories and spare parts, because one of the objectives more pursued by Anova, is to always offer a high quality technical service, to its users, that they feel supported by the brand itself. Anova has an exceptional after sales technical support.

En Intermaquinas We are proud to distribute the Anova brand, for the great satisfaction that our customers transmit to us when they make use of machinery and tools of the same

In addition, we have already been in charge of writing certain general recommendations in each category, which will make it easier for you to compare which one may be the best option, just enter a category, or access by clicking on the photos below, and download until each own description, where you will find the personalized recommendations.

What does the Anova Brand distribute?

The brand of anova comprises a costumes quite important y numerous en different types of machinery of the sectors of gardening, la machinery y utilitarian forest, the machinery agricultural, etc.

Highlighting and naming leaders in the sale and distribution of:

Anova chainsaws

Anova chainsaws are widely recognized by the general public due to their excellent technical performance always at an extremely competitive price. Since Intermaquinas We can say that we are proud to have been offering this range of products for years due to its excellent quality / price ratio. This company has a long career in the sector, always offering excellent work tools. One of its star points is its range of Anova Gasoline Chainsaws, although also covering the market with solutions such as Electric chainsaws Anova y Anova Battery Chainsaws, Pruning Chainsaws, etc. They enhance their quality thanks to their components, always being brands and distributors extremely reliable and known, such as Oregon for their chains and swords, Walbro for their carburetors, etc. That in turn have been improving their production thanks to their experience year after year. Always having solutions like ChainsawsProfessional chainsaws, from the most powerful and reliable, to the most simple and economic, all at competitive prices.

Anova Brush Cutters

The Anova Brushcutters or Anova Motoguadañas are the solution to weeds. In addition, they are among the most effective on the market since they provide very good power with which you will finish the job in a single pass, which will save your work and effort. Anova brushcutters are world-renowned for their excellent quality, always maintaining a competitive price compared to other brands. Anova offers a wide catalog of brushcutters to meet the needs of any user profile. Anova covers all market needs, taking care of supplying the Professional brush cutters Anova (more powerful and resistant for long days of use followed), as the Desnovzadoras particulares Anova (more simple, affordable, oriented to occasional uses, suitable for a conventional user). Anova covers all market needs also with varied options, such as Anova brush cuttersAs Electric brush cutters Anova, always with extremely competitive prices, distributing cheap brush cutters with widely affordable prices and completely efficient, but at the same time they are powerful brushcutters.

Anova mowers

Anova has a wide catalog of solutions in the form of a lawnmower, where it has the latest news and advances of the brand, as well as very competitive prices and excellent customer service. 

This brand has a wide range of possibilities in the world of gardening and forestry, especially with lawnmowers, with options to cover all possible needs that may arise, having from:
Anova Professional Mowers (usually with more powerful specifications, prepared for long hours of work, with more power for larger and more leafy areas). 

Perfect for jobs that require long hours at a time, with enough power to end the most elaborate setbacks, and with extreme reliability and durability under complex conditions.
Anova Private Mowers (mostly for small-medium gardens, domestic uses, etc). Ideal for those looking for quality tools, without requiring excessive powers or heavier parts designed for intensive uses.

Anova covers all the areas and needs that may arise in the market, such as Anova Electric Lawn Mowers, Anova Gasoline Mowers, even Anova Battery Lawn Mowers (electric cordless).

Anova blowers

Anova has an interesting range of products, among them are the Anova Blowers, Air Blowers or Leaf Blowers (Leaf Blowers). With a wide range of solutions adaptable to the possible needs that may arise, Anova covers the entire market with exceptional options at extremely competitive prices. 

For this reason, it has solutions for blowers with all possible orientations, such as Anova Vacuum Blowers, Anova Silent Blowers, Anova Light Blowers, Anova Battery Blowers (light, handy, agile but with a certain autonomy, usually enough for jobs individuals), Anova Electric Blowers (infinite autonomy but depending on the cable, which limits movement), Anova Gasoline Blowers (use of fuel, more complex maintenance), etc.

It also has Anova Professional Blowers (high powers, prepared for long periods of use), Anova Private Blowers (moderate powers, economical, short-medium uses)

Anova motor hoes

Anova offers a wide catalog of solutions in the form of Motoazadas for all possible needs that may arise for its users.
The motor hoes are tools, used for various agricultural tasks. They have been used for a long time thanks to their great effectiveness in removing the soil in depth and preparing the land for crops, without the need for excessive power. 

They are propelled by a motor, either electric, gasoline or diesel, which drives a set of strawberries (through a transmission that can be by belt, worm gear or by chains), with which they remove the earth in depth. and prepare the ground to be cultivated in the future. 

The same drive as the motor cultivators, but the movement of the cultivators is generated by the cutters, and that of the motor cultivators by the wheels.
Anova stands out for its value for money, and despite not having as many models as those of its competition, these it has perfectly cover the needs that may arise, covering all possible fields for this class of tools. 

What makes anova, to have cheap, affordable Motor Hoes, at excellent prices, in relation to new, powerful, gasoline, electric or battery Motor Hoes, etc.
They are mainly classified as, Anova Motor Hoes for large surfaces or Anova Motor Hoes for Professionals, and Anova Motor Hoes for small surfaces or Anova Motor Hoes for Individuals. 

They are also classified according to the use that is going to be given in relation to the food they are going to use. The Electric Windmills Anova they are the most economical, with simple maintenance, a low with electric sumo and a low sound level, respectful with the environment, although they are the least powerful and dependent on a cable, ideal for individuals with small surfaces

HR Motorboats Anova to Battery they stand out for not requiring any cable, since they go by battery, which makes them lighter and more agile, low price, but also consist of a reduced power, and an autonomy dependent on the capacity of the battery, suitable for individuals with small-medium surfacesand finally there are the Gasoline powered Anova, are the most powerful, suitable for professionals with larger surfaces, dependent on fuel.

Although they also distribute and highlight in the sale of:

Anova Electric Generators

Anova also distributes a large number of electric generators, with solutions adaptable to all possible market needs.
Electric generators are machines that, through fuel supply (gasoline, diesel), generate energy to supply a group of electrical appliances for a certain time, mostly used as a source of energy in remote areas, where there is no electricity, as reinforcement. temporary, or as an emergency resource to generate electricity (hospitals, caravans, etc).

Anova stands out for its high quality Electric Generators, at the most competitive prices, which is reflected in all the products it distributes, economic, affordable and quality solutions, with solutions that adapt to any market need, from Simpler Anova electric generators for individuals, up to the most complex Anova electric generators for professional use, affordable, that is, at a good price, Inverter generators, silent, for houses, for fields, emergency, small, etc.

Electric Generators Inverter Anova

Anova offers Inverter electric generators that are highly appreciated for their great quality / price ratio. Highlighting the greatest characteristic of Inverter electric generators for filtering the current much better, avoiding dispersions of this, and distributing a stable electricity supply at all times, perfect for supplying sensitive, electronic equipment, and avoiding possible long-term damage to sensitive devices . 

Despite having only one model, it has a very high quality, reliability, a very efficient efficiency, and an excellent reputation in the market, where it could be described as a professional product, suitable for professionals and individuals, entering the product range. high quality.

Anova motor welders

Anova covers all possible product fields, establishing its products as exceptional and extremely competitive solutions to its competition. 

The motor welders They have their own small electric generator, which can be used to power small devices in a timely manner, although mainly, They are used to weld outdoors and similar, where a source of energy is required to feed the welder. 

Anova stands out for distributing high quality products at attractive prices, which makes Anova Motor Welders an interesting category of products to cover, with which, Anova only distributes a motor welder that exceptionally covers the few needs that this activity requires, more than enough power, reliability, durability, and a generation of energy for its own, and to power something else, more than enough, in addition to being new motor-welders at cheap and extremely competitive prices, with plenty of power, suitable for individuals and professionals, and a long autonomy of 10 hours.

Anova tractors

Anova also offers a solution for the market in the form of walking tractor. Anova motor cultivators are ideal tools to prepare a plot or land for sowing, thanks to removing the soil and preparing it to be sown.

Anova offers a solution, with a rear bur (the most powerful training), with power to spare, And a hair cream relationship calidad / precio. He Anova walking tractor It is a clear example of excellent qualities of its components. With a more than correct data sheet and affordable prices, the Anova walking tractor compete to be the treadmill aredar

As usual, the brand has spare parts and accessories that we also distribute on our website. If this anova walking tractor had to be described, We could use the description of good machine, competitive and affordable price, excellent after-sales service and proven guarantees.

Anova olive harvester

Anova is a company that offers machines that are highly competitive in price, with excellent quality / price relationships, and they were not going to be left behind with olive harvesters, distributing a large number of solutions for the sector preparing for any possible need that may arise. . The Anova brand is used as an example to represent anova olive harvesters, anova olive harvesters, which enhances its leadership in this sector, etc.

The Vareadoras of olives they serve, through a rod that connects, an engine that generates a turn at the tip of the rod, in the blades, which generate a movement from side to side that facilitates the collection of olives when using this tool in its branches.
Anova has the most powerful and affordable varadores, cheap and durable, at the same time as the most agile and comfortable, light and powerful, gasoline, electric and battery, anova being the leading brand in the sale of Vareadores.

Anova motor pumps

Anova covers all fields of machinery, with excellent solutions, and unbeatable value / price qualities. It even covers the field of water pumps.
HR motor pumps sound machines capable of transferring quantities of water, whether for clean, dirty or semisuced water, from one place to another

There are also motor pumps guidance on extract water from wells (high altitude water pumps), in addition, there are also water pumps used for irrigation.
Anova has eight adaptable options that meet all the possible needs that may arise in the market. They are all anova gasoline motor pumps, the most efficient, and the only way that is worth feeding motor pumps, since it gives great power (the necessary) without exceeding consumption, noise, or weight, and at the same time the flow It is the ideal one, with cheap and affordable prices, without sacrificing quality or power.

Anova atomizers

Anova has solutions for the market in the form of atomizerAlthough in terms of atomizers, there are not many options to choose from despite being machines that are going to be used for a single task, so they do not need to have more power. Perhaps the most important thing would be, that it has an ideal autonomy for the time we will use it (tank capacity), and an adequate weight so as not to overexert ourselves unnecessarily. 

All atomizers sound machines, aimed at spraying liquid (mostly insecticides, fungicides, all diluted in water), taking advantage of the motor and a pump used to shoot the liquid or product to the plants depending on the function we want to achieve

Which achieves a greater penetration in masses of vegetation, and they are mostly used on tree crops. Anova has a solution that would cover all the necessary fields, a anova gasoline atomizer, lightweight, powerful, with sufficient tank capacity (autonomy), a fan speed to eject the nebulized liquid, a discharge of liquid and medium-fast powder adjustable, made of a chemical resistant material, wide filling mouth, center of balanced gravity, resistant housing, overheating protection of motor, and a built-in auxiliary pump.

Anova Spray Groups or Anova Knapsack Sprayers

The spraying groups They are very useful for crop care. They consist of a container that will absorb the liquid to be sprayed on the plants (usually insecticides, fungicides, vegetable treatments, usually all these diluted in water). 

That pressure is generated by a manual pump, which, by activating a trigger on the handle, shoots the sprayed liquid under pressure through its barrel. Some, the most powerful spray groups (aimed at professional use, for large "surfaces") they are accompanied by an engine, some battery y other gasoline.

Anova also covers this field, with which it manages to solve all the needs that may be presented to its users. With which it presents 4 options, which can be organized into Anova gasoline spraying groups, Anova battery spraying groups, and Anova manual spraying groups. Some also consist of a backpack (Anova backpack sprayers), so it is a good idea to have the Anova brand for Anova Electric Sprayers, Anova Gasoline Sprayers, Anova Agricola Sprayers, etc.

Anova Sulfated Trucks

Anova also has a large catalog of options for sulphating trucks along with a large number of spare parts and accessories.
HR sulfated trolleys consist of a tank mounted on a structure of one or two wheels and an engine (like a wheelbarrow). The motor next to the pump provides the necessary force to remove the liquid from the tank at a certain adjustable pressure. The greater the pressure, the more range the ejected fluid will have

This type of machinery is widely used for agricultural phytosanitary work (sulfated by these, medium / large areas full of vegetation, plants, trees, etc. Using mostly insecticides, fungicides, vegetable treatments, usually all these diluted in a corresponding amount of water) 

Anova has a catalog of eight solutions in the form of sulphating trucks for this sector of the market, where you can find a solution to every need. They could be classified mainly in several categories, such as for example Anova Gasoline Sulphating Trucks (all), Anova Single Wheel Sulphating Trucks, Anova two-wheel Sulphating Trucks, Anova Sulphating Trucks for individuals of medium power (smaller displacement, lower flow), Forklifts Anova sulfaters for high power professionals (larger displacement, higher flow), although within the latter two, there are certain pressure differences. And finally, they can be arranged according to your deposit.

Anova augers

HR ahoyadoras they are machines that have a rod in the form of a screw, and a handlebar for a correct grip that allows to make holes and holes in different surfaces. These are suitable for fields, to make holes quickly and easily to plant. There are them with different bits, which allows them to cover more fields.

Anova tries to cover the widest spectrum of solutions for its customers, and has considered that a model with adaptable rods is sufficient. Obviously it has a medium-high power, which for 90% of private users and for many professionals is more than enough, which simplifies many uses and purposes to a single machine, designed for one user. The gasoline anova auger has a weight of 16 Kg and a power of 2 Hp at 1,5 kW with a displacement of 51,7 cc. 

What makes it a very useful and variable Anova Drill according to the drill that suits and depending on what work, since Anova has several adaptable drill bits of 100 mm, 150 mm and 200 mm.

Anova Grass Trimmer

Anova is also present in the range of garden care and maintenance, which is why it is a leading brand in brush cutters and trimmer for grass. In this case, it stands out for its trimmer for being smaller and lighter, use heads of lower diameters, designed for small gardens, spaces where cuts are required at different heights (climbers and similar), for small spaces where you can not maneuver a lot, etc.

Anova puts together the comfort, With the power y lightness and launches the trimmers. The high power y effectiveness in the court is what makes this brand stand out, while its agility, lightness y maneuverability, since in this sector it hardly has competition.

As for this activity, high powers are not required, and it rewards lightness, maximum mobility and maneuverability. Ideal for removing weeds from vertical spaces, small gardens, at different heights, a cut to a hedge, with which, Anova presents its best options, an Anova Electric Grass Trimmer and 2 kg, with a cutting diameter of 240 mm depending on a cable, and another 2 kg battery with a cutting diameter of 15 cm and an autonomy of 25 min.

Anova Multifunction Brushcutters

Anova stands out for its tools for garden care and maintenance, which has a number of tools where they are leaders in the sector, and in this case is one of those. Anova is a leader in the maintenance and garden care sector thanks to its brush cutters, hedge trimmers, trimmers and multi-purpose brush cutters

And in this case, they stand out for their options for Anova Multifunction Brushcutters, as they stand out for their multitude of adaptable, great efficiency of these and their relation quality / price.

HR multi-purpose brush cutters sound highly valued solutions for users who require total care of the environment, since They work just like ordinary brush cutters, but se they differ en have an interchangeable headAllowing take advantage of the same engine for other tasks, also the machine usually comes with different heads, or you can get adaptable accessories

With which, you can cover many more fields, and with a single machineWhich facilitates its versatility, decreases the price (since for another function you only need the head and not another whole machine with its corresponding motor) and it has many more functions. The adaptable ones can be such as: -Brushcutter head -Pruning saws -Hedge trimmer -Circular blade -Extension bar , etc.

Anova has two options for the market for the Anova 4 in 1 Multifunction Brushcutters, both are Anova Gasoline Multifunction Brushcutters, both are cheap, affordable, powerful, durable, reliable multifunction brushcutters, both have a similar motor, and an equally light weight , and both can be used as brush cutter, pruner, hedge trimmer and olive harvester if you have the right head.

Anova hedge trimmer

Anova is recognized as a leading brand in the sale of machinery for the maintenance and care of the garden, with which it was not going to be left behind in terms of hedge trimmers, a market in which it is a leader.

Hedge trimmers or hedge trimmers are gardening machines that consist of blades, located on the cutting bar that, using a motor, move at high speed allowing a simple and clean cut, ideal for cutting hedges, thus facilitating maintenance and garden care

They have a handle for a correct grip (some can even be turned over). They also have security features such as a front cover, safety switches, etc.
Anova stands out for its wide variety of hedge trimmers, such as Anova gasoline hedge trimmers, Anova electric hedge trimmers (electric current by cable), Anova battery hedge trimmers (pending battery life), etc.

Despite classifying them, all have similar characteristics, such as similar powers, the electric and battery are lighter and weigh less, all have long cutting lengths, good autonomy, proven reliability, extreme warranties, high powers, while being an example to follow of a good quality / price ratio.

Anova Scarifiers

Anova has a solution for the scarifier market, with which it intends to cover all the needs of the sector in a single, efficient, powerful machine, with an unbeatable quality / price ratio, and at the same time affordable and extremely competitive prices.

The scarifiers grass for the garden they offer a wide spectrum of functionalities, similar to mowers, while the mowers are responsible for mowing the grass using horizontal blades, the scarifiers have vertical blades, which are responsible for removing moss, dry grass, oxygenate the roots in order to improve their appearance, the state of the garden, and a correct conservation of the garden.

Anova offers a solution in the form of Anova Electric ScarifierAs always at the best possible price and in terms of quality, for a reason Anova is a leading brand in the agricultural, garden and forestry sector, thanks to its outstanding quality. The Anova scrubber is ideal for purging the lawn of weeds, weeds, etc. Anova is the indicated brand for those who seek to clean a small garden at the best price, with an electric machine, with total reliability and safety, and proven guarantees.

Anova wood chippers

Anova has certain options that completely cover the entire spectrum of needs that may arise around wood chippers, making available various solutions adaptable to any possible need that may arise in the future to its users.
Wood chippers sound machines that produce an enormous pressure force thus managing to split the logs

They are also popularly known as wood splitters, the most relevant characteristics around these machines are their power (it will depend on the pressure that must be exerted) and the cutting diameter at the same time as the cutting length.

Anova stands out in the sale of wood chippers due to its competitive prices and excellent quality levels. 

All the options that anova has for its firewood choppers consist of an electric motor, since all Anova Firewood Chippers are Electric, motors with more than enough power for most of the uses that a regular user or a professional will give them. They differ mainly by their weights, since one weighs 46 kg, another 98, and another 150, which goes hand in hand with prices, powers and cutting diameters.

Sierra benches Anova

All saw benches, commonly called bench saws, bench jig saws, or circular bench saws are machines for longitudinally or transversely sawing wood, metal, plastic or other materials accurately and manually, there are even with guides and rails. They consist of an electric motor that allows to cut the materials thanks to the high speed rotation of a circular blade that produces, using an appropriate sheet (dependent on its hardness, shape of its teeth).

The anova Electric circular saw bench stands out for having more than enough power to cut resistant materials for long periods, with a medium diameter and being a light machine, which makes it ideal for most of the uses that are going to be given to it, from individuals to professionals.

Anova height pruners

Anova is a leading brand that stands out for its agricultural machinery, tools and machines for forest care and maintenance of the garden, being recognized as an excellent brand thanks to its quality / price ratio, its guarantees, and the security it inspires.

Height mowers, Telescopic hedge trimmers (or telescopic clippers) are tools used to prune tall trees, olive groves, vines and branches as long as they are at considerable heights

It does use of these to reach inaccessible placesand facilitate or speed up pruning work at considerable heights.

Anova has solutions adaptable to all the possible needs that may arise for its users. With classifications such as Anova Gasoline Height Pruners, Anova Electric Height Pruners, the gasoline being the most powerful, but heavy at the same time and with more complex maintenance and needing to be fueled with gasoline, and the electric ones being the lighter, and with medium-high powers but dependent on a cable.

Anova Caterpillar Trucks

Anova also has an exemplary solution for the category of caterpillar carts. Caterpillar Anova forklifts, Anova Transport Trucks, Anova Minitransportersthe Minidumper Anova They are very useful vehicles that facilitate the work of transportation / handling of loads of considerable mass

They're like the older brothers of the wheelbarrows, much bigger, motorized and with larger deposits, thus reducing to the minimum expression the effort required by the operators, suitable for construction, mining, agriculture, gardening, forestry, etc. 

Thanks to their size, being motorized and the ease of operation, they can work in the worst conditions, such as ascents with maximum load by inclinations, which greatly facilitates the displacement of heavy loads in regular and irregular terrains.

Anova stands out for its option Anova Caterpillar Gasoline Truck, a machine with the average power required by most of these machines' jobs, with the power necessary for almost all the jobs of professionals and individuals, with enough force to climb slopes of uneven terrain and one Loading capacity of 320 Kg, with dimensions suitable for most uses to be given, drum brake, a light machine, 6 forward and 2 back but with a method of manual swingarm download Thanks to its mechanism, it simplifies the effort of the operator to a minimum.

Anova branch shredders and Anova branch shredders

HR branch shredders sound machines that crush the branches through their blades, often used to create compost, also to clear the ground, create humidity blankets, and all its possible uses in terms of forest and garden care and maintenance, etc. 

These machines are recognized for their speed and saving time and effort to their users, thanks to its ability to quickly compress waste from your gardenand handle them more comfortably and easy

Convert dry leaves, branches pruned in natural compost suitable for feeding your garden. With the Anova electric shredder, crumble and disperse those remains, converted into enrichment fertilizer can be as fast and simple as bringing the whole branches to the hopper and let them come out crushed.

Anova has three branch shredder options, with which it aims to meet the needs of users who require the most modest, affordable and functional solution, even professionals who require the most powerful performances, thus increasing production speed. 

It stands out for its Anova Gasoline Branch Shredders (two options, one with medium power, medium weight, ideal for particular uses, and the other with high power and medium weight, ideal for professional use), although it is also widely recognized for its Anova Electric Chipper (one of the lightest on the market and at the same time powerful, with a maximum average diameter).

Anova air compressors

Un air compressor is a machine built with the aim of storing compressed air to release it in another place under pressure, in short, the compressor acquires air, compresses it inside, and ejects it with power when the user activates it.

Anova has three market options, with which it aims to cover all sectors and needs that may arise, with highly affordable prices, and an unbeatable quality / price ratio, where what most awards this brand, is its efficiency and guarantees . 

All three are Electric air compressors, with similar prices, similar pressures, similar air flow rates, but where they change the most, which is the most relevant characteristic for these machines, is in their different tank volumes (Volumes of 6 liters, 24 liters and 50 liters) and in its weight.

Anova pressure washers

The Hidrolimpiadoras sound Machines aimed at pressure cleaning with water, have a gun / lance format hose that releases the water under pressure, this can be a hot water pressure washer o cold water pressure washers, and usually used for cleaning swimming pools, joints, exterior of vehicles, facades, etc. 

They are very appreciated machines for the good results they give, since they allow a thorough cleaning in a fast way, and without effort.

Anova has 10 solutions with which it intends to cover all possible needs that may arise. In this case, it has a very abundant catalog in which there are options from the most affordable, simple and functional, to the most elaborate, complex and powerful, oriented to the most professional uses (Anova Professional High Pressure Washers). 

Most Anova Pressure Washers are Anova Electric Pressure Washers (dependent on a cable), there are also Anova Gasoline Pressure Washers. 

HR Anova high pressure washers They are your choice if you want to buy a quality high-pressure cleaner, with power, and guarantees a broad efficiency at prices that are more than affordable.

Anova cereal mill sheller

The grain huskers sound machines that automatically remove and separate the grain from all the cereal. Very useful in mills and places where it is necessary to sow cereals, corn, grain, barley, oats, etc.

Anova has two models for this activity, both electric (Anova cereal shelling mills) since the activity does not require much power, and in turn they are the easiest to maintain, and it is also not a problem to depend on a cable because they do not need to move . Anova has a model of a tank of 50 Liters and another of 100, of more or less the same weight, but different powers.