Grape presses

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A grape press is a device used to extract juice from grapes as part of the wine production process. There are several types of presses used by winemakers, but their functionality is the same. Each type of press uses controlled pressure to release the juice from the fruit (usually grapes). The pressure cannot be excessive, to avoid breaking the seeds and adding an excess of tannin to the wine

Manual grape presses

These grape presses are the most modest of all and are designed to be used in a small artisanal wine production. We can highlight interesting models such as the manually operated chicharrones wine press, which is a product with a moderate price and that for this type of work fulfills its function perfectly, or the high quality fixed wooden manual wine presses that are also a fairly affordable solution that users of intermaquinas.

Hydraulic grape presses

Here we are already going up a scale in the level of wine production and we are talking about grape presses with a higher production power. Among these models we have a classic in our catalog such as the HID series hydraulic wine press.

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