Grape destemmers

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The grape destemmer machine is responsible for separating the grapes from the stems (the herbaceous structure of the bunch). Carrying out this work manually would entail a huge expenditure of time that would make the end product expensive, but the grape destemming machines facilitate the work of wine production, thanks to our grape destemmers you will gain in productivity, efficiency and economy of weather.

What is the destemming of the grape?

The operation of the destemming consists of the separation of the scrapes, which can be done before or after the squeezing. It supposes a gustative improvement of the wines, since the dissolved elements of the scrapes present astringent, vegetal and herbaceous flavors, coming from the sap or vacuolar juices of photosynthetic cells. Confirming therefore finesse to the wines.

What is the use of the destemming of the grape?

Destemming is normally used in red grape harvests and for making red wine. When de-stemming, the stalk is eliminated, thus avoiding astringent substances and possible unwanted herbaceous flavors. The stem contains a lot of potassium, which reduces the acidity of the wines. With the destemming we obtain a reduction in volume, an improvement in taste, a higher concentration of color and a slight increase in alcoholic strength.

When is de-stemming performed?

The destemming of the grapes is the first operation carried out as soon as the grapes enter the winery. Sometimes this operation is usually accompanied by crushing. Total destemming is recommended for obtaining soft wines, but total destemming is not advisable in grapes from vines of less than 5 years old, as it adds a little body to the wine.

How is the de-stemming of the grape?

Normally it is done with machines called despalilladoras, of which there are two types, horizontal and vertical. The horizontal ones are the most used and are the ones we sell on our website. There are also models of machines that perform the crushing and de-stemming together, which you can find here (link)

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