Masks for welding

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Masks for welding

The so-called welding masks will provide the protection you need.

The masks for welding are one of those tools that can never be missed in a workshop. They serve for the eye protection of the operator who is welding and can also serve as protection to those users who are near the workstation of a welder and are exposed to welding.

Solter welding masks have an excellent design and features that will make the product enjoy the first time it is used. The so-called welding masks will provide the protection you need.

So far we have seen that welding helmets (electronic welding screens) provide great safety to the worker with regard to the eyes exactly. But…

How can you choose a welding mask?

There are different types of welding masks on the market so we will see below what each one is for as the user is destined according to its use and manageability.

The welding masks having helmet shape completely envelop the operator's head leaving the neck exposed. Provides excellent security

The hand welding masks They are the cheapest in the sector and are aimed at those users who will make occasional use of the product. It is not dedicated to users who are professionally engaged in welding, although it provides good worker safety.

The photosensitive masks They are the newest in the market. They are equipped with the best technology and in terms of protection stands out since having an electronic screen this is adapted to the light that is receiving the operator to make the task more bearable without getting any type of wear.

Finally the head masks They are the most used, first because of the user's ease of placement and the protection it provides. They are ergonomic and adapt to the user's head perfectly thanks to a harness.

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