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What is a stacker?

Stackers are internal transport elements, similar to a pallet truck, they include a mast and forks that allow heavy loads to be lifted to a certain height.

There are different types of stackers, some of the most used are:

Manual stacker: Lifting and manual translation stacker. Load capacities range between 500 and 1000 Kg.

Semi-electric stackers: In these stackers, the translation is manual, but unlike normal stackers, these have electric lift, which speeds up the tasks. The load capacity goes between the 400 and 1500 kg, in addition they can lift loads to heights greater than three meters.

Electric stackers: Both the translation and the elevation are electric in this type of stackers, thus saving a lot of effort to the operators, their load capacity is between 150 and 1600 Kg, and they can lift loads up to heights of 4,5 meters.

Self-supporting stacker: In the same product you can replace your lifting platform, manual pallet truck, stacker, ramp and elevator. It is also easy and fast to transport as it will be loaded in your truck or van.

Counterweight stacker: It is a stacker with adjustable nails to adapt quickly to all types of loads. Tilt regulated with hydraulic controls. Machine designed for lifting loads without losing residual capacity at high heights. Rudder provided with safety button. With load capacities between 1000kg and 2000 kg and elevations up to 5500mm.

Special stackers: These are the least frequent to see, since by their function they are not so demanded among consumers. We can find drum stackers, paper roll stackers and even stackers with lateral inclination.

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