Nuair air compressors

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Nuair air compressors

Nuair is a sub-brand of the firm Airum Logistics, which designs, manufactures and distributes its own air compressors, and has gradually consolidated its position as one of the world's largest manufacturers of air compressors. air compressors, having all types, operations, ranges, sizes, powers, performances and capacities.

Collaborating and investing in the development, production and innovation of new models, thanks to its experience de more than 30 years in the industry, manufacturing, distributing y selling around the world.

From (double stages, soundproof, screw compressors, their accessories, etc):

Nuair piston compressors

Nuair soundproof piston compressors

Nuair screw compressors

Compressors with special applications Nuair

Air treatment, accessories, spare parts, and several Nuair

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