Garland vacuum cleaners

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Garland vacuum cleaners

The most impeccable cleaning with Garland vacuum cleaners

Garland has managed to renew its vacuum cleaners by providing its users with the most demanding cleaning, using the least possible effort on any type of surface. You can use these vacuum cleaners after doing any work to leave the floor flawless, thanks to these vacuum cleaners this work will be resolved in a matter of a few minutes.

This innovative gamma of vacuum cleaners allows the absorption with a single use of most existing waste such as garbage, household dust, larger items, liquids and spills among others.

Characteristics of Garland vacuum cleaners

1 Carrying handle

It allows to raise the engine in case of wanting to separate it from the collector to transport the machine.

2 Flexible tube

Tube that increases the reach of the vacuum cleaner, in addition to providing a more comfortable job.

3 360ºC swivel wheels 

Wheels that allow moving the water vacuum in any direction, thus obtaining better mobility.

4 Large capacity tank

Vacuum cleaner tank, has a quick opening system.

5 Combi nozzle

Nozzle that allows to vacuum hard floors or carpet with quick change by lever.

6 Accessories

Garland vacuum cleaners have a wide variety of accessories that can be adapted to the different tasks that the user wants to perform.

Advantages of Garland vacuum cleaners

Water / dust vacuum cleaner Garland vacuum cleaners allow the absorption of both solid and liquid elements. dust water vacuum cleaner
Filter bag It has a disposable bag in which the materials absorbed by the vacuum cleaner will be stored. filter bag
Synchro The vacuum cleaners have an automatic start system to detect current in the plug once connected. This current must be greater than 60 W. sync
Water / dust air filter These vacuum cleaners have a washable filter for water or dust extraction. air filter water powder
Ash vacuum cleaner The structure of the vacuum cleaner is designed and prepared for the storage of ash, which are up to 40 ° C, so it is possible to vacuum it. ash vacuum cleaner
Metal tube and accessories The materials with which these vacuum cleaners are manufactured are made to obtain the greatest possible resistance and durability at elevated temperatures. metal tube and accessories


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