Garland branch shredders

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Garland branch shredders

Clean, healthy and well-fed garden

If you like to have a beautiful and well-kept garden, Garland branch shredders are ideal. Because it is not the same to make countless trips to dispose of pruning remains, than to compress them quickly and handle them in the most comfortable way.

Because the garden shredder turns those dry leaves or pruned branches into healthy natural compost to re-feed your garden. And because with a Garland garden shredder, shredding and dispersing these remains, converted into enriching compost, can be as simple as bringing the entire branches to the hopper and letting them come out completely crushed.

It only remains to choose which of the garden shredders from our extensive and renewed range is best suited to each garden.

Crushing by cuhillas Plate with 2 semiradial blades perpendicular to the direction of the branches. Recommended for small green branches. crushing by blades
Crushing by roll Inertia roller with double high speed blade. Crush any branch and leaf, even those of palm tree. It is the most effective. crushing by roll
Crushing by hammers 16 floating hammers that undo the remains of large-volume pruning and small branches. crushing by hammers
Crushing by gear Gear with sharp teeth that cuts by pressure on a flat surface. Silent and effective Recommended for the crushing of branches. crushing by gear
Rotating nozzle It allows to direct the flow of crushed material to the desired zone. rotating nozzle
SC System (short-circuit safety system) Sisstema automatic stop in case it is pressed. Designed for the emergency stop in the event that the operator involuntarily inserts a hand in the hopper. sc system
Waste drawer It stores the crushed waste facilitating its collection. Waste drawer
Trailer Tow hook to pull the machine with a tractor or car. trailer
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