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Carretillas Caterpillars Anova

In this section you will find all the offers collected from Carretillas Orugas Anova, that is, all the Carretillas Caterpillar of the Anova brand, also known as MInitransporter or Transporters. They are highly productive machines that facilitate the work of transporting heavy loads to the minimum effort of the operator, speeding up this operation, in the most comfortable and effective way. They have caterpillars for greater adhesion to the terrain allowing climbs with loads of up to 15º inclination, which greatly facilitates the movement of heavy loads on uneven terrain. Making this work a routine task without any complication.

Caterpillar Trucks, Transport Trucks, Transporter, MiniTransporters or MiniDumpers

They are very useful machines that facilitate the transport of heavy machinery, or difficult transportation, incorporating an engine under the tank, and allowing moving materials or heavy loads with ease and tranquility at the minimum effort of the operator.

Caterpillar forklifts of the brand Anova

Anova is a Spanish brand highly recognized for its distribution of garden, agricultural, forestry, industrial and construction machinery. Over the years it has become one of the most important references in terms of machinery, support and quality along with the most competitive prices. Despite not having many options for this category, Anova has decided to go for a clear and concise, reliable, durable and powerful solution, as there is not much competition in this sector either. Prioritizing values ​​of reliability, guarantee, and suitable performance. Anova has opted to renew its model: Anova OR7320 320kg Caterpillar Wheelbarrow, a reliable, light, powerful machine with 6 forward and 2 reverse gears, drum brake and with dimensions of 1,35m x 0,75m x 0,94, XNUMXm.

Minidumper Anova

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