Garland high pressure cleaners

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Quickly remove all dirt with Garland pressure washers

Garland high pressure cleaners

Garland pressure washers are prepared to clean all kinds of dirt, even the most difficult to combat. Garland is a brand that does not stop innovating and that brings us more and more manageable and practical designs.

You can find different models to choose from depending on the customer's needs, we can find between cleaners that focus on descaling power and have a longer range, electric cleaners with different types of accessories to further optimize the cleaning task.

Garland provides the best pressure washers for a demanding clean every time.

Characteristics of Garland pressure washers

1 Turbo lance

It has an internal device that allows the cleaner to increase the cleaning surface without losing pressure. This rotation device generates a high pressure cone.

2 Soap regulation

Garland cleaners have the ability to adjust the amount of soap to boost.

3 Induction motor

It has an induction motor has better performance, it wears less, in addition to having a longer life.

4 Transport wheel

They have built-in wheels that facilitate the movement and transport of the machine.

5 Interchangeable tips

These cleaners have the ability to choose the angle of exit of the pressure jet, because they have interchangeable quick connect points.

6 OHV engines

The engines are gasoline, these have the ability to turn on digitally, and Garland engines have the maximum available performance and pollute little.

7 Soap tank

Soap storage tank for effective lathering on the surface to be cleaned.

Advantages of Garland pressure washers

Integrated detergent tank These cleaners have a suction system that can be activated by placing the low pressure gun integrated in the detergent tank.
TSS system They have a safety system included that automatically stops the engine when the water outlet trigger is not activated.
Pressure hose winder Winder designed to wind and store the pressure hose comfortably.
Accessories kit Garland high pressure cleaners have different accessories that allow for even deeper cleaning.
Brass pump The cleaners are manufactured by a sturdy brass chassis that provides greater durability.
Aspiring car You can suck water from tanks that are at the same height as the pump.
Professional pistol These machines have a gun made of the most resistant materials that provide high performance and durability. Accurate and ergonomic, for a very satisfactory job.
Soap regulator Regulator that allows you to adjust the amount of soap.

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