Comet high pressure cleaners

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Comet high pressure cleaners

Comet is a worldwide recognized brand for its quality products in the cleaning, industrial and agricultural sector, mainly for its Comet high pressure cleaners o Comet pressure washers, with more than 70 of these, standing out for its extreme quality and its highly affordable prices, which make its high pressure washers a perfect solution both for individuals who take it seriously, as for professionals who need tools and serious machines and with guarantees. Besides having an exceptional quality / price ratio, they stand out for their quality models, designs built in robust materials, powerful machines and very high efficiencies, in addition to ideal pressures.

Comet pressure water cleaners

The Italian company Comet has earned a considerable presence and prestige in the high pressure cleaners sector, as they manufacture and distribute their own models around the world (mostly in Europe). The continuous innovation and development in their own designs has made the brand experience continuous and constant growth, making the brand one of the main world producers.

Cold water high pressure washers Comet

With a large number of solutions of this type, cold water, Comet is a leader in the sector of cold water high pressure cleaners, both for its simpler uses such as cleaning the car, carpets, facades, gardens, awnings, swimming pools, garages , to complex and intensive uses in workshops, cleaning of tractors and trucks, agricultural machinery, works, warehouses, automobiles, farms, premises, facilities, etc.

Hot water high pressure washers Comet

Comet consists of a considerable number of models that work with hot water, both with own hot water high pressure cleaners and mobile hot water generators connected to cold water high pressure cleaners. Suitable for cleaning places with grease, oils, food industries for disinfection, workshops, warehouses, places where it is necessary to clean thoroughly as usual, etc., thanks to the fact that they reach considerable temperatures together with interesting pressures, converting high pressure cleaners into hot water in exceptional solutions.

Mobile hot water generators for high pressure cleaners

The Comet Hot Box range, the mobile hot water generators of the Comet brand are interesting options when considering clean with cold or hot water, since we can have a cold water high pressure cleaner, and thanks to these water converters cold in hot (up to 140 º), we can use both to focus on the use that we are going to give, obtaining both functionalities and giving the option to work with steam or hot water.

Comet high pressure cleaners

Comet has solutions in the form of high pressure high pressure cleaners, with high pressure pumps delivering power at the time of launching the water, at a higher level of use and more power required, we must balance it with a higher pressure, since the same flow rate with higher pressure means that it expels the water at a higher speed, providing a greater real power to which the water comes out, and in turn obtaining a greater force at the time of lifting dirt, a higher performance, a more optimal operation, etc.

High pressure Comet high pressure cleaners suitable for different uses, such as continuous work on facades, warehouses, workshops, cleaning of severe dirt, grease, oils, etc.

Electric high pressure washers Comet

Comet offers its users the best single-phase (220V) and three-phase (380V) solutions on the market, both for individuals who want quality and performance, and professional pressure washers for serious workers and companies seeking reliability, autonomy, maximum performance, etc. .

Comet gasoline high pressure washers

Comet has more than 10 models of gasoline, which are suitable to meet the needs of individuals and professionals who take it seriously and want machines and tools capable of delivering considerable power, designed to withstand long periods of constant and intensive work .

Comet high pressure cleaners