Ayerbe high pressure cleaners

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Ayerbe high pressure cleaners

In this section we compile the latest models of Ayerbe high pressure cleaners that the brand offers us at a competitive price. High quality, always using the best components of the market in search of the perfect user experience. Ayerbe has opted in this range of products for high quality Comet pumps. This range of products is divided into two: the Ayerbe high pressure cleaners that operate at 3400 rpm and those that operate at 1450 rpm.

Ayerbe high pressure cleaners at 3400 rpm

We have models of high pressure cleaners that work at 3400 rpm such as the AY170 H BXD, AY 180 KT BWD or the AY 270 KT ZWD. These models have Honda or Kiotsu engines depending on the version. With simple nozzle lance and with a flow rate that varies between 600 L / H and 900 L / H. The pressure of these models goes from the 185 BAR to the 270 BAR. A range of high quality and high pressure solutions that will not disappoint users who require the most powerful tools.

Ayerbe high pressure cleaners at 1450 rpm

These Ayerbe pressure washers work at low revolutions, which means that the engine is more “rested” and its useful life is prolonged. These high performance models have a double nozzle lance and flow rates between 900 and 1260 L / H depending on the model. The pressure of these Ayerbe pressure washers range from 240 BAR to 280 BAR. All these models of pressure water cleaner They have a deposit of 6,5 liters capacity. The weight of these models are around the 70 Kg. These solutions are what we recommend for professionals who require powerful solutions and great durability. These Ayerbe high pressure cleaners are able to work perfectly during long working times. Ayerbe once again provides us with top quality solutions such as AY 240 / 4 H, AY 300 / 4 H, AY300 / 4 KT and 240 / 4 KT RW AG.

First in  intermaquinas.online we recommend these solutions for their high quality and good work. Ayerbe always offers top quality tools, keeping the price as competitive as possible but always keeping in mind that the first thing is to offer the best tool. We remind you that in intermaquinas.online we offer the possibility of financing in most Ayerbe machinery. Finally, if you need it, one of our technicians will advise you to find the best tool for you. Once again, thank you for trusting us.


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