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Hyundai pressure groups

Hyundai offers a unique solution to the pressure group market, with which it aims to cover a large and wide spectrum of needs in the middle range of pressure groups. Hyundai stands out for its products with very high guarantees, unbeatable quality / price ratios, affordable, powerful and durable products, guaranteeing a very good durability and performance throughout its useful life.

Pressure groups of the Hyundai Brand

Hyundai is also a recognized brand in the market of pressure groups, and despite only having an option for the needs of the sector, it more than covers a broad spectrum for media professionals and individuals who want a powerful, reliable machine , durable, with a long service life and high specifications at competitive prices.

The pressure groups are devices in charge of giving pressure to the fluids and, more frequently to the water of the installations, to boost the water pressure in buildings; by means of a membrane or balloon system, it manages the power of the pressure that passes through a water circuit. It consists of a closed tank divided into two parts by a membrane or balloon filled with air or inert gas. In the tank, pressurized water is introduced compressing the air, to introduce the water pumps are used (not always only one, depending on the flow), if the flow is appropriate, it will improve the pressure of the entire water distribution network to choose, Most light themselves, although there are also options that have the time to choose when to turn on.

Hyundai is a brand that stands out for its values, since all its machines and tools are based on unsurpassed quality standards, extremely low prices in terms of quality / price, a guarantee of functionality and efficiency more than assured, and reliability as brand recognized worldwide. The model is suitable for demanding individuals, because the pressure group in this case is a Hyundai electric water pressure group, with a maximum height of 46 meters, a power of 1200 W, a maximum flow rate of 3700 l / min, a pressure of 4,6 bar and 9,5 kg of weight (light). That is to say, a powerful, light, domestic and professional pressure group, automatic, that provides a greater and more stable pressure, to give pressure to fluids in installations, systems and water circuits, etc.

Hyundai pressure groups

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We can say that the Hyundai pressure group HYEPGI-1200 It stands out for its power, a maximum working height that allows the 35 meters, an aspiration of 8 meters. A light weight of 8,5 kg, a maximum pressure of 3,5 bars, offering a solution that is more than safe, efficient and respectful with the environment that is guaranteed to be a lasting tool, and able to meet the needs of the average user, the immense most towards which it is thought, the particular user, and even supplying the needs of certain professionals.

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