Garland scarifiers

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Garland Scarifier

Garland scarifiers

Long life to your garden

Some people think that a healthy lawn requires a lot of care. But what really needs, are not many, but good care. To give them, nothing like having the Garland scarifiers. Our scarifiers contribute to a complete regeneration of the lawn, carrying out an efficient split. And even, some more advanced models, also work as an aerator, by removing dead grass and moss or felt from the ground.

Ergonomic handlebar Design adaptable to the comfort of each user or each task. Allows the handlebar to be placed in three different positions. ergonomic handlebar
Depth regulation Cleft height adjusting device, to choose the necessary working depth in each one. depth regulation
Steel blade Maximum efficiency blades for a satisfactory crease. Land sanitized in less time and with less effort. steel blade
Pick-up bag Practical collection system of dried grass, leaving it deposited in a sack. collecting bag
Two rollers It incorporates 2 rollers to leave the lawn perfectly sanitized.
Curved blades Curved blades to offer greater resistance and efficiency in the crease. curved blades
Roller double function It incorporates a roller, which performs the functions of scarifier and aerator, to leave the lawn perfectly sanitized. double roll function
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