Garland brush cutters

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Garland brush cutters

Useful for removing even the last existing weeds

The Garland brushcutters stand out mainly for their great power, strength and ergonomics, in addition to offering a wide variety of brushcutters to meet any user need, and thus combat weeds.

Garland renews its Brushcutters and offers models with different novelties that will facilitate the work to the user, among these novelties we can highlight the new delta handlebar, which allows access to the most complicated sites in a simple and comfortable way, thanks to its ergonomic design that It allows the user to move freely by having a curved design and providing more free space.

Among the features offered by Garland in its products can be highlighted the possibility of choosing between different Japanese engines, different displacements and a wide range of accessories for their models.

Together with Garland you will always get the best value for money available in the market. Fight the brush with the Garland brushcutters, which count on a good ergonomics, and an unequaled efficiency.

Characteristics of Garland brush cutters

The Garland brushcutters have different characteristics:

1 Ergonomic handlebar

This handlebar has a curved design that facilitates mobility to the user thanks to leaving more free space available when handling it.

2 Ergonomic handle

Handle that will provide maximum comfort, which gives us a fast and secure grip, as well as guaranteeing an incredible softness and with an unbeatable grip. All these advantages is thanks to the ergonomic design that Garland offers.

3 Gearbox

The brush cutters have top quality gears that provide the machine with a high resistance so it is able to withstand intense working conditions.

4 Protector

It has a protector to increase worker safety and prevent accidents, when using the machine.

5 Fuel tank Translucent

This tank allows the user to check the level of fuel available in the brushcutter before starting work.

6 Spark plug accessible

These brushcutters allow us access to the engine spark plug at any time, with maximum safety and comfort available. This spark plug is protected with a cover.

7 Engine stop switch on the handle

Garland brushcutters further maximize worker safety by placing a stop switch on the handle, whereby the operator can stop the machine at any time while working in case of emergency.

Advantages of the Garland brushcutter

Gasoline primer It provides a cold start, it already pumps the fuel to the carburetor. primer
Anti-vibration system Garland shredders have an anti-vibration system that allows the operator to reduce the fatigue produced by continuous work, so it works in a more pleasant and comfortable way. anti-vibration system garland
Transmission of 28 mm in diameter The bars of the desbrozadoras have a width of 28 mm in diameter, that improve the resistance of the transmission and facilitate the use of the machine in intense works. Transmission diameter of 28 mm
Folding handlebar 90º without tools They have a folding handlebar to quickly reduce the space it occupies and thus facilitate storage. handlebar double orientable garland
State-of-the-art motors Motors of great power, able to resist intense works, in addition these are respectful with the environment thus fulfilling the most demanding regulations. Japanese motorization
Removable transmission Its split transmission allows you to attach the hedge trimmer and trimmer accessories (depending on the model). In addition, it facilitates its transport and storage. detachable transmission
Delta handlebar The handlebar has a design that allows work in places of difficult access, and provide greater stability when working on slopes. delta handlebar
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