Garland Hedge Trimmer

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Garland Hedge Trimmer


Put imagination to the design of the hedges

Giving the hedges elaborate and showy forms is no longer such a complicated task. With the precision, strength and ergonomics of the Garland hedge trimmers, it is easier. Its high quality steel blades and double gear system ensure a clean cut without effort. Its lighter and more powerful engines speed up work. And its adjustable handles, favor the most productive work posture.

Gears 2 steps They guarantee an efficient cutting even of hard branches, by opening the blades and an effective continuous hammering. 2 gears steps
Turn of the handle in 90º Practical twist of the handle in 90º, that offers the greater comfort and effectiveness so much in vertical cut as in horizontal. rotation of the handle in 90º
Front exhaust Frontal gas outlet, which prevents them from reaching the user. front exhaust
Machined steel blade (double edge) 1ª quality in double edge blades laser cut and sharpened with diamond stone to ensure the finest cut and extend the life of the machine. machined steel blade
Telescopic Telescopic pole allows to reach the desired height of work. telescopic
Pro blade (triple edge) Cut with laser and sharpened with precision diamond stone for an impeccable result and lengthen the life of the machine. pro blade
Variable blade angle Adjustable head 0-90º with 5 possible positions of the blade variable blade angle
Mechanical clutch Mechanical disconnection that makes the synchronized stop of the blades in less than 0,04 seconds. mechanical clutch

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