Garland Water Pumps

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Garland water pumps

The Garland water pumps of the 2018 catalog are already on sale, with a more affordable price-quality ratio than ever before. Experts in moving water

Great strength and capacity


Whatever the flow and pressure required to make a transfer or efficient use of water, there are always Garland well pumps for that work. We put at your disposal a series of compact and robust machines to treat any type of water, depths and driving distances. Because our goal is that our range covers all the solutions to take care of this precious asset and use it in a responsible and practical way.

Motorbombas They suck the water without the need to prime the hose, giving excellent water outlet pressure. motor pumps
Self-priming centrifugal pumps They suck the water without the need to prime the marsh, giving excellent water exit pressure. self-priming centrifugal pumps
Pressure groups Centrifugal self-priming electric pumps with automatic cutting. Perfect for fixed installations. pressure groups
Racor They are supplied with metal or plastic fittings (depending on the model) for the water inlets. connection
Submersible pump Electropumps capable of submerging several meters deep, to efficiently extract water and boost it in height. They are supplied with 10 meters of electric cable and automatic floating. connection

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