Hyundai generator sets

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Hyundai generator sets

The Hyundai generator sets that we have in stock are available both in its soundproof or open format. We have different versions and models of industrial electric generator for every requirement.

Highlights the efficiency and comfort for Hyundai users. Hyundai develops Electric generators that benefit their customers. It is also worth noting that hyundai is a brand that offers safe, efficient and very respectful solutions with the environment.

In this section you will find models of Hyundai open generator sets and Hyundai soundproof generators. Another choice you will have to face is whether you prefer a single-phase generator set or a three-phase generator set.


Hyundai also has a wide range of solutions for the generator market, to be specific, it consists of 17 solutions to the needs that can be presented in the market. With this we can say that Hyundai has a wide range of Hyundai Power Generators with which it covers all the ranges of the market, from the most simple generator sets for individuals, such as the most complete, powerful and elaborate generator sets for professionals, most of them of products of this brand stand out for being effective and efficient, safe and respectful with the environment.

The Generating Sets are machines that drive an electric current generator through an internal combustion engine. Mostly composed of an internal combustion engine and an electric generator. They are used to provide electrical power in those places where there is no or no usual electricity supply, where there is a specific deficit, where there is a need for timely support of the power increase or in case of emergency. Very useful in case of usual power cuts or places of difficult access where the electricity supply does not reach, hospitals, shelters, campsites, concerts, events, etc.
The difference between a generator set and an electric generator is that the generator sets are designed to offer much more power for long periods of time. In addition, a generator is a much larger and more complete equipment.

Hyundai stands out for being a brand with a multitude of options in terms of machines and tools, an example is its Hyundai Generating Sets, where it has infinite options with which it supplies all the needs of the market and the sector, from generators to individuals simple and affordable, even the most powerful, elaborate and complex generator sets, industrial Hyundai generator sets, Hyundai soundproof generators, single-phase generator sets, three-phase generator sets, all are Hyundai diesel generators, affordable at a good price, some with AVR (Voltage Regulator), etc.

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