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Welcome to section "Wood Chippers" of the category Timber transport en, discover more products to cut wood in the section of Chainsaws.

In this section you will find the best deals on wood chippers, since we work hard to bring you the best offers in relation quality / price, of well-known and respected brands, with some efficiencies y durabilities more than insured and with guarantee great.

The wood chippers are also popularly known as "wood choppers".

We have a wide range of different brands, supplying all the ranges of the market,  covering all that possibles scenarios in which our clients may come to require a wood chipper.

In addition, Chippers are a type of flagship product of the forestry work season, in addition to which lately it is in a considerable boom, and that it is worth taking a look, since if it adapts to our needs, it will end up saving us in the face to a future time and effort, obviously it is a tool easily profitable even for individuals, being a seasonal tool, which can be used over the years and even more if it is kept in good condition, something easy to do.

Which is a chipper of firewood? What are the log splitters / splitters for?

Firewood Chippers are tools of considerable sizes, arranged in such a way that they look like elongated "tables or work benches" made of resistant materials and arranged vertically or horizontally, where wooden blocks are placed on top for subsequent cutting, thereby We will be able to reduce their size to the point we want, in addition to converting them properly into elements that are easier to manipulate.

They are widely respected tools in the sector, thanks to their very useful private and domestic use, such as to obtain cut firewood of different sizes for our fireplace, barbecue, heating, etc., as professional and industrial in places where wood is worked, such such as sawmills, wood industries, etc., for the constant, precise, powerful and efficient felling of logs.

We must also take into account the length of cut and the weights of the machines since in the future it may be relevant.

How do wood chippers work? What is its mechanism?

The operation of the Wood Chippers can be simpler than it seems. They can be arranged both vertically and horizontally. These machines produce an enormous pressure force thus managing to split the logs, with an operation that can be reminiscent of a guillotine, but under pressure, slowly and linearly (both vertically and horizontally) and precisely.

Similar to chainsaws, but instead of barbed chain, by means of a point (like an ax, and pressure), where you can also play with the shape of the trunk when depositing it in the machine, thus achieving the lateral cut, in the middle , top to bottom, with precision, etc.

The system that allows to emit the force to cut the logs is hydraulic, probably the most complex and expensive part of the machine, although thanks to this, you can make cuts with high precision and without impediment of power, they also have different feeding methods, there are electric ones, others with fuel, others with power take-off to the tractors, etc.

What are wood chippers used for? What uses are given to a wood chopper?

Wood chippers are widely appreciated products in the sector, thanks to its wide utility, besides being one of the most useful tools in the forestry work season, since they entail a affordable price, nothing high for the time and effort that will save us for a future, In addition to its very long lifespanBeing something more expensive than chainsaws, doing the same function, in an easier and simpler way, with less effort and greater precision, but without having mobility. Whether you need to cut firewood for self-consumption, or for subsequent sale or treatment with it. Main uses:

  • From the simplest uses, such as cutting firewood, branches, trunks, etc., to the intensive cutting of sturdy trunks, trunks of thick trunks and of different lengths, etc.

What wood chipper to buy? What is the best wood chipper for me?

According to its operation and power (under pressure).

  • The power can be the most predictable point, since the Chippers usually have powers of between 5 tons and 80 tons, depending on the use that we are going to give it, this point will mainly decide, because if we are going to cut logs or branches to make firewood for Our fireplace being individuals, between 3 and 10 tons will be left over, if we are an individual who takes it seriously, and even a professional who is going to make enough cuts or for long periods, it will be convenient to choose a more powerful machine, between 20 to 50 tons, since more power, faster work, which will result in less effort and much less use of long-term time. And if finally our use will be industrial, we will decide powers between more than 50 tons, since they are designed to make powerful, forceful pressures and during long working days.
  • Regarding its operation, we can divide it into two types of chippers:
    • Wedge chippers: work by means of a wedge-shaped piece of high-strength steel, like the wedge of an ax for example (the joint part to the handle, with sharp shape with which the wood is struck, in addition to that in chippers they are interchangeable despite being highly resistant and durable), fixedly fixed on a hydraulic cylinder that pushes the wedge towards the wood with a forceful pressure, which cut the trunk, are usually the most common, since they are precise, powerful, efficient for a long period of years and safe.
    • Endless screw chippers: they are less used because of their danger, they consist mainly of a screw that penetrates under pressure in the piece of wood that must be firmly fixed and explodes, sometimes throwing chips and chips of wood at high speed. less power and are much simpler mechanically, but because of the danger involved in using them, are seen to a lesser extent, are less precise as they can be pieces bad chipped, where if they are really useful is when they are used in large logs of short length, since the main purpose for these is to break them into pieces.

According to your diet.

  • Electric Chippers: ideal for household uses, machines that allow splitting pieces of small firewood suitable for a fireplace and have the necessary strength to split low-hard wood, branches, logs, etc. They are so appreciated, especially for urban and domestic uses since they simply require a simple connection to an electrical power source. Easy use and maintenance and dimensions that facilitate its storage. Electric wood chippers models do not exceed 10 tons of normal pressure.
  • Gasoline Chippers: Perfect to be used outdoors, in industry or in areas where there is not a constant supply of electricity, since to work they only need a tank with gasoline. More powerful, more complex maintenance.
  • Chippers Connectable to tractor: like the others. but its hydraulic pump is activated by the force exerted by the tractor on the Chipper, that is to say, they work with the connection of two hydraulic pipes to the tractor pump. They are more affordable than the others, but require a tractor.

According to the position and shape of the trunk

  • Chippers are also divided into their own disposition, it can be vertical or horizontal, depending on the position in which the trunk is placed in the machine. Horizontal wood chippers usually have more power than vertical ones.

What tips, maintenance or practices should you consider to use a chipper?

We recommend wearing the appropriate clothing, such as suitable footwear, gloves and, above all, protective glasses, in case the chipper makes a splinter jump at high speed. In addition, we recommend carrying out occasional maintenance on the chipper, always turning off the machine first, cleaning the machine daily after use, greasing the sliding guides, checking the hydraulic oil, lubricating all moving parts, etc.

What brand of chipper should I buy?

We have first brands of wood chippers. With a wide range of powers ranging from five tons of pressure to the most powerful that can exert a pressure of up to forty tons of power. Thanks to this great catalog that we have, we offer a wide range of options to choose from, from multiple brands which cover all the ranges of the market, and which are sure to supply all the possible needs that may arise in the sector.

From Intermaquinas, we work hard to put at your disposal only brands that stand out for their values ​​of quality, durability, efficiency, long-term guarantees and outstanding after-sales services with which we can deduce that all brands that distribute Intermaquinas they are completely serious and professional.

We do not want to imply that some brands are better than others, but it is true that some brands stand out for being better known, for their extension and recognition in the sector around the world, for their quality / price relationships and their after-sales services. , with which it would be convenient to look at a well-known brand in the sector, since its years of experience will reflect and endorse a wide reliability and the spare parts will always be easier to find and more accessible in the market.

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