Combined drills

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For the simplest, such as placing a painting on the wall, or for tasks that require a little more strength and professionalism, such as boring rough surfaces, a good drill is an essential tool that every good professional should incorporate into his or her briefcase.

What are combined drills and what are they used for?

Let's start with the essentials of everything: what is a drill? One of the simplest models is a high-speed rotary driller, it is very productive for domestic tasks, bricolage out of complexities we need at home. It will allow us to form holes in the wall and in the same way on surfaces that do not have a great rigidity, such as wood or plastic. It is very simple to use and only with this functionality will solve an infinite number of needs at home.

And if we want to go one step further? Then let's start adding functionalities to our professional drill. It is nothing more and nothing less than an instrument capable of performing various tasks. From the outset, they are drillers (as we already explained, it is the first basic function of a drill) and later you can add the possibility of using it in hammer mode, they are called; the hammer drills.

The best hammer drills

The hammer drills or hammer mode will be of great interest the moment you consider drilling much harder surfaces, such as a concrete wall. If you have tried, you will immediately have come to the conclusion that an ordinary drill, which is around 3000 revolutions per minute, is not competent to perform the task. For that you need a plus, and that's the hammer mode.

The work of the hammer is combined with the rotary perforation. It consists of a mechanism that causes the drill to strike the area you are trying to drill at a rate of several thousand strokes per minute. That persistent hammering of the drill, reinforces the drilling and allows you to work on much harder surfaces. It is a more demanding operation and for which you will need stronger bits.

Another very practical application of the combined drill is the screwdriver mode, which will speed up the task of installing and pressing screws. Normally you have to have the application to reverse the direction of rotation for the reverse side if you need to unscrew.

Drill games

Another possibility is to buy a combined drilling kit that includes several accessories. The tools are usually presented in a briefcase or a compact bag, with place for each piece, so you can have your unit constantly organized.

The structure of these cheap battery drill kits is changeable, and that's what you'll have to learn thoroughly. From the simplest, which include only a drill and a screwdriver, including many more complete that include saw, grinder or other accessories.

Characteristics of combined drills and hammers

Acquiring the best drill for you is simple. The first piece of advice we are going to give you is common sense: Is it the first time you are going to manipulate it? In that case you may not need to go straight to the "Ferrari" of the drills. Take a look at the middle ranges, about sure you will find some models with efficient strength and the functionalities you need. Why are you going to get mad with more (and pay more money, of course).

Your subject is something different if you need it for more professional jobs, or if you currently have a basic drill and you want to opt for a higher one, with more strength and better benefits. You know that you will use it with a lot of continuity, you will require a high activity function, you will need that it does not overheat and that it lasts much ... Then go ahead, you also have a bunch of models to choose.

Weight and design

Continuing with what we were saying previously, it depends on what you are going to use it for. Keep in mind that a sturdy drill can weigh up to five kilos. Will you be able to hold it safely while you are working? And does it compensate you, if what you are going to do is hang a painting? There are models that weigh only 1,5 or 2 kilos and are capable of doing these types of tasks tremendously effectively. Properly assess the use that you are going to provide, and your possibilities to use it. On the market we can find pistol-shaped drills, “T” shaped drills or angle drills for drilling in narrower surfaces. The essential thing is that they have an ergonomic and pleasant design, since they are an instrument that you will handle a lot. Some models even include an additional handle to make your use a much more pleasant and simple task.

Drill speeds

Any good drill worth his salt should at least have two qualities. Lower speed function, for jobs that require more power, such as drilling walls, and a higher one, which you will use, for example, for simple bolting. If your drill only has one speed, it will surely fall short in any of the tasks you perform.

In addition, it is also convenient to have an automatic brake, a functionality that almost all wireless drills have but is more difficult to find in normal. And is that this feature allows the drill stop turning as soon as you release the trigger, a primary charge if we are not a DIY experts.

Better cordless or cordless hammer drill?

Cordless drills are the most sought after for domestic use, due to the ease of moving around the house without the need to search for the plugs or dragging the cable itself.

What you have to keep in mind is that if you want a cordless drill, you will move at lower powers, which is what can hold the battery and will not be as effective on harder surfaces.

They have the great advantage of being able to reach places where a corded drill cannot be accessed so comfortably, without the added hassle of constantly having the cable in the way.

At the same time, they tend to have more compact designs, since some come with an anchor with which they can even be transported hanging from the tool belt.

For high powers you will have to go to models that are plugged directly into the network, since corded drills tend to have greater strength.

Also, these types of drills have the superiority that they can be handled on harder surfaces, however the older and cheaper ones do not have different speeds.

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