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A screwdriver is a powerful and compact electric tool that basically brings together two tools in a single set, that is, that serves to drill and screw a variety of materials such as wood. If the perforation is in materials of superior rigor such as concrete and brick, it is advisable to go to a device with a percussion function such as a percussion drill with a battery-operated screwdriver.

Choosing a good screwdriver will make the difference between working in a pleasant and effective way or remembering the money invested for a while.

The drill, as an instrument to work with, is very versatile, since by admitting the exchange of bits, it makes it perfect for creating holes of different calibers, apart from walls, as is obvious, it can also pierce materials with different thicknesses, such as They are concrete walls, wood, tiles, porcelain and metals among many others.

The harder the surface, the greater the need for force of the tool, and therefore the use of drills of greater resistance is also required, since these are manufactured in various materials: Copper, steel, tungsten, iron, copper.

Electric screwdriver vs drill driver

A drill with these characteristics is a fantastic tool. It is very common in all toolkits of DIY enthusiasts in recent years. We all know how violent it can get to be screwed in certain circumstances.

For a relatively adequate cost we will not have to leave the wrist when we screw, it's really worth it. The screwdriver drills are a mobile tool, tremendously easy to handle and comfortable to use and which, as we said, will save us considerable time and effort.

We can say that there are two types of products: the electric screwdrivers that are specifically designed for this use and the drills that can fulfill the occupation of screwdrivers. These last ones of course are a little more expensive, but in the cases that we only use these products sporadically, we will save money if we buy a hammer drill that also has the screwdriver function, for example.

Its uses are greatly varied, basically any work that requires screwing: furniture construction, shelves, curtain rods, hinges, wall brackets ... whatever.

A drill with these characteristics is heavier and is not as comfortable to handle as a mere electric screwdriver, so you should ponder what and how you will use it before deciding on one or the other choice.

Before buying a screwdriver drill

  • Trademarks: we continually recommend opting for recognized brands and products in which the opinions of users are favorable

  • Power: depending on the area in which we want to drive, we will have to decant for one model or another (it is not equal to screw in wood that in wall, for example)

  • Integrated: the great generality of these tools already work completely out of cables.

  • Battery duration: How much operation time does it allow? The best electric screwdrivers have a lithium battery.

  • Weight and Materials: it is significant that it is well designed, that it is ergonomic and weighs as little as possible. Today there are models tremendously lightweight including 1,1 Kg which you will easily find.

  • Battery: This is another agent that you should take into account. Usually, the voltage you require depends in general on the types of work you are going to do. I recommend that if you are going to carry out works with high-strength materials choose models with batteries between 12 to 14,4 V. If you plan to give a continuous use to your screwdriver drill you should choose one of 18 V. On the other hand I recommend you choose Lithium-ion batteries (Li-ion) since they are those of better performance, durability, greater energy and, of little weight. Many models include two batteries that recharge in only one hour and even less depending on the amperage of the same.

  • Torque. Another characteristic to take into account is the tightening torque that is nothing more than the power of rotation or bending of the drill driver. This is paramount because depending on the size of the screw, the device will be required to be able to exercise more or less power to install or eject a screw.

  • Integrated LED light: Excellent if you need to perform drilling or bolting work in areas where the brightness is home.

Can you use a drill in proper functions of the screwdriver?

Some screwdrivers, also can be used as a drill and reciprocally, changing the tip. However, we must bear in mind that drills have more power and speed than screwdrivers. If we intend to use a screwdriver as a drill, it will have to be to drill an area that offers little firmness. Otherwise, when manipulating a drill as a screwdriver, we will have the intention to use it with its minimum energy and speed, otherwise we run the risk of suffering an incident.

How Much Does a Screwdriver Drill?

The cost of a screwdriver depends on the brand you choose, the accessories it contains, whether or not it has an attached battery, and whether it is battery-powered or with a cable. An economic screwdriver drill can get you close to the Euro 40, on the other hand the best battery powered drill will pass the 100 euros.

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