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El Drill is a tool or rotating machine with multiple functionality. Its operation is simple, since the motor is responsible for the rotating function, and the electronic circuit or mechanism will do all the work.  

Perhaps the most essential part of any collection of tools, the drill, which is invaluable for many tasks of maintenance y repair at home and it can be manually or electrically operated, although the latter is the most effective and the most common of the two types of drill.

What the drill consists of

Mainly used for drill holes in almost all materials, the drill it can also be used for a variety of other tasks, made easier by a host of accessories and attachments. These include sand, screwdriving, grinding and paint mixing, to name just a few, as well as other applications:


There are many different variants of the drills, and most of them are available as drills operated by the electric network, o cordless drills powered by battery. In general, the greater the capacity of the chuck, the greater the motor will be.

Depending on the purpose for which it was designed, a drill It can be a single speed, have two or three preset speeds, or incorporate a variable speed function. Next, we mention you the types of drills what's in the market.

Electric drills

The electric drills are available in many styles and options. Sometimes, buying a new one can be overwhelming. This brief guide will explain the different types of drills available and why they are used more frequently.

The electric drills you are allowed move freely while drilling. You do not have to fight to find a power source to connect to, nor do you have to fight with long cables that can hinder your work. The drawbacks include less energy than a drill with cable and a limited battery life that could shorten the project.

This type of drills They use batteries or electric power:

  • With cable: the best known, has cable to be connected to the outlet.
  • Without cable: practical with rechargeable battery thanks to its wireless power

Drill drivers

Has a quick connect plug (instead of a mandril) to change the attachments. Regular bits don't fit. The advantage of a screwdriver is that it has an unimaginable torque and can drive a screw into hardwood without it 'coming out' (slipping). This allows a screw to drive into hardwood without dislodging.

  • Use quick release accessories
  • It has a rotary drive action

Combined drills

One of the great advantages of drill combined is that it has higher speed for the power it provides, also because the weight of the motor is large. The power is greater than 850 W, able to use with various hard materials such as, for example, concrete.

Some of the simplest models of drill combined is the high speed rotary perforator, ideal for DIY, domestic tasks and the complexities that are required in the home. It will allow you to make holes in the wall and on surfaces such as plastic or wood. Thanks to the functionality you can use it without any complications.

Battery-powered drill

Do you want to buy a battery-powered drill cheap that makes anyone want to jump off a cliff?

This is the electrical tool most commonly found in any workshop, garage or construction site. It is one of the first electric tools that a carpenter should have. He has enough resistance for drilling and screwing on thick wooden planks. It is the tool par excellence for those who enjoy the projects in the home.

Types of drill bits

To drill a satisfactory hole in any material, the correct type of drill bit must be used, it must be used correctly and it must be sharpened accordingly.

Torsion drill bits

Usually referred to as a spiral drill, the spiral drill bits are probably the most common drilling tools used by a handyman with a manual or electric drill. The front edges cut the material and the spirals along the length eliminate the debris from the hole and tend to keep the bit straight.

Screwdriver tip bits

Designed to fit in a rechargeable screwdriver, these tips have a hexagonal stem. They are ideal for drilling pilot holes, but are limited by the low power of this type of screwdriver and the limited size of the small bits available.

Masonry drill

As the name suggests, they are designed for drilling bricks, blocks, stones, quarry tiles or concrete. The cutting tip is often made of tungsten carbide attached to a spiral steel shaft.

Universal drill bits

They are used for Drilling plastics, metal, wood, construction materials. A good quality bit ideal for hard or fragile works.

Drill bits for glass

Used for drilling ceramics, porcelain, tiles, glass, mirrors. These drill bits are composed of carbide tip and rod with spear point.

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