Shears and punchers

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Hikoki CE18DSLW4 lithium battery shear The new HIkoki shear has a series of elements, among them it is equipped with a hand guard and to make a good cut to materials, it has blades with eight cutting edges. The maneuverability of the shear is incredible since it is formed by [...]


Hikoki CE16SA Shear The new Hikoki shear incorporates a hand guard. Incredibly easy to handle. It has 8 cutting edges. Renovated design with the smallest body in its class for greater working comfort. It is designed to withstand continuous heavy-duty use. It is the perfect tool for all types [...]


Hikoki CN18DSLW4 lithium battery punch The Hikoki punch incorporates a new ergonomic, comfortable design with reduced dimensions 290 mm. On the motor side, it mounts a highly durable 710W motoe. Its exterior is an aluminum gear housing. A variable / reversible speed and last but not [...]


Hikoki CN16SA punch The new Hikoki punch has a revamped design with the smallest body-handle in its class, 184 mm. in diameter, which gives it greater working comfort. The tool is very light, 1,6 Kg. It has 3 positions of the matrix that allow straight cuts, to the right and to the left. Ideal [...]