Impact screwdrivers

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What is an impact driver?

An impact driver is known as a prime tool for all construction professionals. It is a screwdriver of a power whose force manages to insert screws of all shapes and sizes with enough precision and speed in different areas.

It is an accessory that exerts a force or torque necessary, resulting in a tool much more accurate, and faster than other types of electric or manual tools. In addition the bit remains intact, these machines are free of breaks, because the pressure that prevents the screw is distorted. Its surprisingly light weight reinforces holding the impact wrench with even one hand. Which represents a formidable superiority for its users.

The impact drivers are a great solution for the placement of screws in wood and metals, both for professionals and for individuals who perform tasks in the home such as installations, simple constructions and woodwork.

What is an impact drill for?

Basically, as its name suggests, these screwdrivers are designed to defuse the electric screwing process, making it easier to apply pressure on screws, work on harder surfaces, reach greater depths and other construction facilities.

These impact wrenches are used very often in the field of carpentry, construction, window installations and openings, fixing screws on metals and works on plasterboard. The main advantage they provide is a deep screwing with less effort, faster and less risk.

These tools also serve to drill surfaces with the use of screws in a few seconds, resulting in great benefit in all types of industries, mainly in construction, DIY and facilities, so they will be the faithful companions of all professionals.

Its advantages have also been transferred to individual users, facilitating a large portion of the tasks in which the traditional screwdriver played an essential role. This replacement has allowed to save considerable time and errors in furniture placements, shelves, portraits, chest of drawers and other types of furniture that represented a great manual effort.

How to choose a screwdriver? Characteristics to value before buying

If you do not take into account the brand of the screwdriver, you always have to accept some things that we must take tremendously into account before choosing. Before deciding, it would be convenient to study the characteristics of each of the models and be sure that it will perform with our expectations and at the same time adapt to all our needs. Likewise, we must take into account that the functions we need, in order to be able to complete our task in conditions.

Strength in the same way is an elementary factor when taking a look at a screwdriver. A powerful electric screwdriver will allow you to work with harder areas and with materials of considerably larger size. This is a sufficient determinant agent, since it influences its versatility, resistance, efficiency and final cost. In addition to the power you must take into account other aspects;

Among them are:

1. The tension and power.

2. Feeding.

3, Comfort and ergonomics.

Voltage and power

Indicator of the actual power of the electric screwdriver. This value can change from 9 to 36 volts. The perfect value is around the 13 volts. Everything will depend in large part on the great extent of the use you are going to serve. A screwdriver in which its power is 9 volts, the value is not low, but appropriate for smaller jobs. The most common voltage is usually around 18 volts, convenient to carry even larger or medium jobs. All these are the perfect models for particular jobs. But on the other hand if your needs are greater, for hard materials and large parts, we would immediately have to address the models with a power that is around the 24 volts.


This is one of the indispensable elements, since we have to be aware if the screwdriver is connected to the light or works through batteries. The battery models are considerably lighter, but lose strength when not receiving the same current as those that go by cable. The cordless screwdrivers do not have cable, we will not have the cable in front and therefore we can work more comfortably, but even then we will have to take care of the battery and have it always charged, ready and clean to be able to use it without any inconvenience. In the case of longer jobs or that require a lot of power, you will have to deduce the time that the battery of the tool will last, if you do not want to keep the work half done.

Comfort and ergonomics

It is tremendously important to work with a tool that is as pleasant as possible. If the weight of the same or the handle is not comfortable, it will give us annoyance and we will get tired before. A screwdriver should provide a comfortable and ergonomic grip method, otherwise it can be terribly annoying.

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