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What is a grinder?

A grinder is an electric and manual tool, consisting of a high-power electric motor. Depending on whether it is an angle grinder, it will be connected by means of reduction gears or if it is a straight grinder it will be connected directly to the motor shaft. The disc engages the tip of the shaft. The grinders have different types of discs available that adapt to the activity that is going to be done with the machine.

What is a grinder used for?

The grinder can be used to perform a wide variety of jobs for the professional field or for DIY tasks, this is thanks to the great versatility that it offers.

The grinder allows us to sand, polish and cut certain materials such as marble, ceramics, metal, wood, brick and granite ..

Types of grinders

There are two types of grinders depending on their size and power.

Small grinders, also called mini grinders, use or discs, and have a power that alternates between 500 W and 1500W. These grinders are used simpler jobs, and small proportions, for example are used to work on small surfaces or need finer cuts.

The big grinders that have discs of with high power that come from the 2000 W to 2600 W. These are used to perform more intensive work, such as for working on large and very hard surfaces. These grinders are usually chosen for the professional field.

Safety in the use of grinders

When using a grinder there are different types of risks when using this tool. To prevent any type of risk for the worker, a series of precautions must be followed for their use.

  • If it is the first time you use a grinder you must read the user manual of the tool and follow the instructions given.
  • Verify that the work area is clear, clean and tidy, to avoid any risk of worker stumbling while using the grinder or that the cable is stuck with an object.
  • Verify that both the cable and the power points are in perfect condition and thus avoid possible accidents due to electrocution.
  • Verify that the switch of the grinder is in the off position before connecting the tool.
  • Use the disc guard, which is a protection accessory for the grinder, which prevents the grinding disc from being exposed and also protects the user from the particles that the machine releases during its use.
  • Inspect the disc before use, check that it is in perfect condition, before starting work. The disc should be rotated for 15 seconds to check its correct fit with the tool and its operation. Never use a disc with cracks.
  • When using accessories you should check that they are suitable for our machine.

Just as you must comply with these precautions, it is also advisable to incorporate the worker with a series of personal protection elements. This should always use glasses, easy mask, apron, gloves decarne, respiratory protection, safety shoes and hearing protector, during the use of the grinder.
In addition to the worker must wear appropriate clothing to use the tool, you should avoid the use of chains, bracelets, rings or any other object that may get stuck in the tool. As well as it is recommended to collect the hair and not to use loose clothing that can be caught by the grinder during its use.

Accessories for grinders

The grinders have a series of accessories that allow the tool to be converted into a powerful machine capable of polishing, making precise cuts, carving on wood, sharpening tools, etc.

Disks for cutting and cutting: they are used to cut different types of materials such as ceramics, wood, iron, etc.

Brushes: that allow us to polish and clean metal surfaces.

Metal brushes: They have a disc shape used to strip the paint on metal or wood surfaces. It is advisable not to press too much and handle the brush slowly to avoid damaging the surface, when using it on wooden surfaces.

Sanding discs: used for a light polishing, as well as the preparation and finishing of surfaces.

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