Maces and hammers

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Rubber and plastic hammer from the Total range


Mara hammer from the Total range


White rubber mace 500 gr Rubi Rubber mace with one flat face and the other spherical. The spherical face allows hitting the ceramic at any angle.


Black rubber mace 500 gr Rubi Black rubber mace 500 gr Rubi Special to work with large formats.


Black rubber mallet 750 gr Rubi Black rubber mallet 750 gr Rubi  

18,78 - 19,65

Rubi wooden handle

19,04 - 20,14

  • Hardened and tempered forged special steel head.
  • RUBIFLEX ergonomic handle.


Rubi formwork hammer 500 mm Head of forged, hardened and tempered special steel of 800 gr. Double location for nail, one of them with magnet. RUBIFLEX ergonomic handle. Unbreakable structure with a resistant section fiberglass core, optimal for shock absorption, increasing the durability of the handle. Safety coupling between handle [...]

Maces and hammers

Intermáquinas offers its customers different models of hammers and hammers, all of the best quality and at the best price. Mallets are hammer-like hitting or crushing tools that consist of a heavy piece of wood or metal fastened in the center to a long wooden handle that is usually grasped with both hands. Tool for striking, especially for driving and removing nails, consisting of a head of iron or other hard metal, usually square or round on one side and pointed on the other, with a handle, usually made of wood, embedded in the center of this forming a T.