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What is a forklift?

Elevators and hoists are lifting tools designed to transport loads between different levels of heights (like an object lift).

They are fixed installations that require a grip on walls or ceilings, very useful in the world of construction and construction (essential when lifting (or lowering) loads of material to higher or lower levels).

Depending on the needs and materials, we must take into account the type of elevator we need, because choosing a good forklift in time will save us in the face of future time, money and effort on the part of the operators.

What is a forklift for?

The forklifts are used to move loads between different heights, both to lower them and to raise them, designed to facilitate the rise of heavy materials between different floors, usually used in construction sites and enclosures.

How does a forklift work?

Types of forklifts

In its use, we have a large crowd Of applications. From the small forklifts used in restaurants or hotels mainly and that have dimensions tools de including less than 60 cm2, jumping by forklift with sufficient dimensions to transport vehicles,  but also forklift for large loads and / or volumes that can alcanzar even more  from 10 tn from capacity de load y more  from 15 m2 from surface Useful.

On the part of the  forklift suitable for carrying people, we have options from those who have a surface minimum so you can use it only one person and that requires even less than one space free of 1 m2 for to be installed but also elevators for several people or capacity enough to offer full accessibility to a person en Retro American wheel more  un escort.

Speed ​​and capacities of a forklift

The load capacity of these machines, are usually prepared regardless of their useful surface to raise 300 kg without problem, it may even be possible to extend this capacity to 400 Kg, or also 500 Kg, in some models.

In this type of single-family elevators they are the alternative of the most used mostly in private homes to be able to solve mobility problems when it is necessary to save several plants of height, that if, at a maximum speed of 15 cm per second, what would come to be the approximate equivalence of a person climbing a ladder at a normal pace.

The lower cost of both the elevator itself and its maintenance, together with the lower necessary requirements regarding the performance of auxiliary works, make this type of elevators an option to choose.

In addition, they can also be installed in shops or other buildings where it is not necessary to save a very high height and the forecast of use is not very high.

Where are forklifts used?

The forklift is one of the most important tools for many entrepreneurs in the industrial world. These teams, lifters of overweight materials, are what make it possible for companies to quickly move all their heavy loads.

Inside: cargo mobilization:

People generally know that forklifts are used indoors in warehouses, be it in distribution centers, truck loading and unloading, transportation, stacking and picking, etc.

One of the most common uses for forklifts is to transport or lift pallets, move large boxes, equipment of any kind, as well as various elements that are transported without a pallet.

The designs of the forklifts vary to be able to maneuver in different types of obstacles and scenarios, including: side lifts, narrow aisles and areas with very high shelving among others.

Exterior: material mobilization

When people think of an outdoor forklift, they immediately associate it with areas where wood is treated, in large hardware stores...

In construction sites it is where it is most common to find these types of forklifts, they are used to mobilize heavy construction materials and other items related to it, such as containers with rubble, garbage and recycling products, as well as portable toilets. .

They can also be found at docks, container yards, junkyards, recycling centers, and similar areas for moving pallets of materials and commercially loaded containers.

Buying recommendation for outdoor forklifts:


What differences exist between an elevator and forklift

Until recently, forklifts could have a single platform and one side as a cabin, but with the recent change in regulations, they require a closed perimeter for greater security.

With the new innovations they have allowed to provide better reliability both in the structure of the forklift shaft as well as to improve the durability and capacity of the machine.

In any case, the transport of people is totally prohibited in the forklift, being suitable for goods.

Any attempt to modify the forklift to carry people may be subject to legal action. If an inspector detects a modification of this type, the responsibility will fall on the owner and the installation company.

Forklift Price

Freight forklifts are undoubtedly one of the main aids when moving goods between the different plants of an industry and commercial premises.

On the other hand, there are also other forklifts that can transport people and cargo, these are called mixed lifts and, finally, there are forklifts for people, which are commonly called reduced speed lifts for people and cargo within the domestic environment.

The prices of forklifts vary depending on the different possible configurations and types available, we can find forklifts from 1500 €, for the most basic configurations, up to 3000 € or even more, all this depending on factors such as forklift type, capacity of load, the dimensions, height to cover and number of plants, the need to do civil works, enclosure, manufacturer and installer of the forklift, etc.

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